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Francis the Felted Garden Frog – handcrafted and fairtrade

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Francis the Felted Garden Frog – handcrafted and fairtrade


Francis the Felted Garden Frog would make a fun addition to any home. He would hang perfectly from a Chimney Sheep® handle as an extra reminder that it’s in place.

All our woolly felted animals are hand made in Nepal using 100% natural materials.

The workers are paid a fair wage and use a technique passed down through generations.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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Francis the green-fingered woolly felted frog would be a fun addition to any room of the house.

All the animals in our woolly felted dangle collection have been ethically sourced, are made of 100% natural materials ( just wool and natural dyes), and have been hand crafted.

Each woolly frog has their own personality, this is because they are handmade and so, individual – each has very subtle differences so the dangle you will receive is completely unique!


Woolly felted frog? Great, but how can we help real frogs?

Like much of our wildlife, frog and toad populations have fallen in recent years mainly due to habitat loss. Throughout their lifecycles, frogs and toads play an important role in ecosystems and food chains. As tadpoles they eat algae, helping to regulate blooms and reducing the chances of algal contamination. As frogs, they help keep pesky bugs at bay. In fact, they act as great natural pest control in your gardens by eating up slugs! They also act as an important food source for different species of birds and fish. The disappearance of frogs can have knock-on effects throughout their wider food web.

Little things like adding shelter such as our frog house, a pond (if you are able) in your garden, having a compost heap in something like our recycled plastic composter and the avoidance of using pesticides and slug pellets (instead use natural measures like our felt shillies and natural slug deterrent) can all help your local frog population.

For advice on other ways to help have a look at the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust website.




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