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G4 Red Lily Beetle Deterrent

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G4 Red Lily Beetle Deterrent

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Use this organic, safe and environmentally-friendly Red Lily Beetle Deterrent Grazers G4 spray to protect plants against damage without harming wildlife.

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Protect your plants from this greedy little creature with the Grazers G4 Red Lily Beetle Deterrent. It stops this common garden pest from eating the leaves, stem, buds and flowers of lilies, fritillaries and other members of the lily family.

What effect does the red lily beetle have on plants?

As well as spoiling the flowers, attacks in early summer can result in the plant forming undersized bulbs that may not flower the following year. In some parts of the country the beetles are such a problem that some gardeners end up giving up on growing lilies because they can’t save them from these voracious pests.

You can read more about this on the RHS website.

How can this Red Lily Beetle Deterrent help?

The Grazers G4 formula is an easy-to-use spray which discourages these beetles without doing the plants or the pests any harm. It’s easy to apply and lasts six weeks before the treatment needs to be repeated.

It’s also safe to use without harming people, pets or the environment.

The product makes the foliage taste unpleasant, so the beetles don’t want to eat it. It doesn’t kill these pests. It just makes them avoid treated plants.

Why is it better to use G4 formula than chemical pest control products?

Chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers can be poisonous to people and animals and can cause a threat to food chains.

Is there anything else I can do to tackle this problem?

Sadly, no. There are no natural predators for red lily beetles, which makes it even more important to treat the plants with Grazers G4 before they’re attacked.

Does Chimney Sheep sell any other natural pest control products?

Yes. We stock natural moth repellents and repellents that are effective against other insects that are harmful to health, such as ticks, midges and mosquitoes. We also have products that deter pigeons, deer, rabbits and other little creatures. Here’s our full range.

22 reviews for G4 Red Lily Beetle Deterrent

  1. Lindylou Lou

    Third purchase

    Does what is says. Brilliant stuff. We have lots of lillies in the garden and are very protective of them, so first sign of these red monsters we are out there …this spray sorts them out..good time!

  2. SJags

    Looks like it is doing the job!

    So far so good – although I’m using it with Neem oil and garlic solution. Have only seen a couple of the blighters on my Lily plants

  3. nic

    Pretty good but won't remove them alone

    Been using this for about 2 months after discovering my lillies were being eaten alive by red beetles. It took 4 days after spraying the first time, before beetles came back. I ended up spraying every few days, whilst also removing any beetles i saw to eventuallyget beetle free (after about 2-3 weeks).

  4. jamscone

    I hate lily beetles

    I hate lily beetles. Along with their slimy pupae they decimate lilies if you give them half a chance.

    Last year I almost gave up on lilies as so little was left on mine, even with me trying to pick off the bugs when I saw them.
    This year I decided to take action and sprayed them all with this.
    I’m pleased to say I got very little damage at all. I did have to pick off a few of the blighters, but overall it was very light and nothing that impacted the overall look too much.
    Will definitely be buying this again.

  5. LawyerBird

    Love this stuff!

    I have loads of lilies. They are currently standing at 5 foot and growing. But they’ve always frightened me because I don’t like red beetles. I don’t want to crush them and their babies are disgusting. Sprayed this stuff and no sign of a baby or a red beetle for a month or more! So pleased.

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