Waterproof Garden Kneeler


Are you a gardening buff looking for a nifty trick to stop your knees from getting cold and dirty whilst gardening? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a gift, for your garden nutty relative, who gets sore knees and has trouble getting up when potting pants? Well, with these wool Waterproof Garden Kneeler – Chimney Sheep have just the ticket.


Made from a robust PVC coated polyester, The Chimney Sheep Waterproof Garden Kneeler for gardening, is cleverly designed to to take the strain out of your sore knees and allow you to garden in comfort, whatever the weather.

Why choose the Chimney Sheep Waterproof Garden Kneeler?

Unlike other garden kneelers-  The Chimney Sheep padded Waterproof Garden Kneeler is filled with several layers of felted UK sheep’s wool, which not only makes them super-comfortable shock absorbers for the knees, but they are also warmer to kneel on.

That’s because the Herdwick wools highly effective insulating properties, provide a protective layer from the cold and damp ground, which along with the waterproof cover, acts as a saviour for troublesome knees. What’s more? They also double up as a handy cushion for your tea break.

  • Water repellent PVC coated polyester
  • 100% UK Wool padding
  • Flat for easy storage
  • Crafted by a skilled UK tailor

The Chimney Sheep Waterproof Garden Kneelers are available in a smart racing green and are crafted in the UK by a skilled tailor. Made from the same water repellent material as the Chimney Sheep Garden Apron and Chimney Sheep Wraps– a garden kneeler would make the perfect gift for anyone with green fingers.

For other eco friendly and home-made gardening gift ideas check out this website!

What do our customers think about the Chimney Sheep Garden Kneeling Pads?

A very kind customer, Jane Cummings, wrote to Chimney Sheep specially, to let the team know how delighted she was with her garden kneeling pads and apron. She said:

“I have just received an apron and garden kneeler which are both fantastic for me in my garden. The apron is made from a tough waterproof fabric which means that I can put my secateurs, string and gloves in the pockets. This makes it easy to tie up the sweet peas without a problem of bending down to pick up string to tie up straggling blooms. The Chimney Sheep Garden Kneeler Pads are made from the same fabric which is robust and very comfortable for old knees. Wonderful, thank you very much!”.


What other gardening gifts do you offer?

Chimney Sheep offer a large range of Earth friendly gardening options ranging from our 100% natural mulch mats – find them here! All the way to our garden felt and Kokoblock compost!

All our garden products are 100% natural and safe for the environment! Here’s a great gift idea for a green fingered friend – pair up one of our Waterproof Garden Kneelers with some of our wildflower seed bombs, a metre or two of our garden felt and some of our mulch mats – as well as some lovely native plants from your local garden centre. You’ll have given them a wonderful afternoon of gardening fun!