Gardeners’ Natural Mulch Selection Pack


We’ve had a fair bit of interest in our natural gardening products. I was packaging up a set of samples to send to a journalist for a gardening magazine and it looked such a nice little natural mulch selection pack that I thought we should add it to our product range. You can try a small sample of our different mulch products for yourself before buying larger quantities. Or buy a pack for the gardener in your life.

This is entirely plastic free. The box is made from recycled paper and we don’t re-box it to send it out, just put an address label on it. We even use paper tape to secure the box.

If you want to make it an even bigger better gift then add in a hand moisturising egg, a comfy wool-filled kneeler or some lovely warm insoles!

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Here we have a sample of all our various types of gardening mulch. Mulch is the answer to everything. It supresses weeds without the need for chemicals. It retains water in the soil. It protects roots from frost and harsh heat. It avoids the need to weed, reducing risk of strimmer damage to young trees.

All our natural much products work in different ways so it’s an opportunity for gardeners to try out the different products. They are all are biodegradable; but the wool breaks down more quickly releasing valuable nitrogen nutrients into the soil. The felted jute is denser and lasts longer.

The natural mulch selection pack contains:

image of gardeners natural mulch selection pack components

All come with labels attached with a brief explanation of what they are and how they’re used. And not one bit of plastic in the whole kit – even the tape on the outside of the box is paper!

What are the different products in the natural mulch selection pack used for?

The garden felt can be used for all kinds of things. It comes on a roll 127m wide, and we sell this by the linear metre. Customers regularly buy whole rolls of the stuff. It’s brilliant for mulching a large area, for example if you want to create a veg bed. Layer more soil or compost on top and get planting straight away. The wool felt can also be used to wrap up entire pots over the winter, then be used for mulch in the spring. It can be used to wrap root balls of larger trees – just plant the whole lot, wool and all, and it will biodegrade and feed the tree as it goes. You can use it as capillary matting. You can cut it into small pieces and use it to line pots – it helps retain moisture plus it bulks them out, providing a growing medium to train the roots into without using all your expensive peat free compost. Have you tried the sheep wool compost by the way? It’s the best peat free one that I’ve found and Dalefoot Composts do great work with their peat bog restoration.

A lush and abundant vegetable bed with timber raised bed surrounds is the consequence of using felt to mulch down the grass

The mulch mats fit on a range of plant pots. They can also be used directly around plants in the bed. The 8″ round mulch mats are popular with strawberry growers. They protect the strawberries from getting dirty, inhibit weeds from the strawberry plants and deter slugs. We can’t promise they’ll provide full slug deterrence but the spikey surface is off-putting so if there’s a delicious plant without any protection and another delicious one surrounded by a scratchy rough surface the slugs and snails will go for the easier option. As an additional deterrent we highly recommend the RHS Hole-less Hosta recipe for garlic decoction that you can make and sprinkle into any of the natural mulch products to help deter slugs and snails.

three plant pots with tree saplings containing three different sizes of jute mulch mats. The largest mulch mat is ten inches, the middle is eight inches with the smallest being four inches.A recipe for boiling garlic cloves in water to create a liquid to pour over the slate shillies in order to deter slugs and snails

The felt shillies look pleasingly like small slate chippings that are used in paths and drives. They can be scattered in the bed to protect a group of plants. The wool biodegrades over a few months to add valuable nutrients. They are made from off-cuts from the production of Chimney Sheeps. They are made from 10mm thick felted Herdwick wool. The bits are chopped down and make a lovely mulch that we’ve been using in own gardens for years.

Felt shillies in the raised bed protect young plants, while below on the ground there are similar looking slate shillies

The jute chippings are off-cuts from when we’ve been bashing out mulch mats from rolls of felted jute. The jute is sourced from recycled coffee sacks and made into a dense 5mm thick layer. Depending on where it’s used, it can last up to two years. The chippings can be scattered around plants you want to protect. I’ve used these in our field-that’s-becoming-a-woodland and the trees have really thrived.

three young hostas in a plant pot have just stared unfurling their leaves. around the base is a thick layer of spikey looking felted jute chippings garden mulch