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All Purpose Gardening Gloves

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All Purpose Gardening Gloves


These fair trade rubber gardening gloves are perfect for pretty much all gardening tasks. Puncture-proof and waterproof, they’ll keep your hands safe and dry throughout the seasons whilst ticking off your garden to-do list.

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What can I use these gardening gloves for?

These all-purpose gardening gloves are exactly that. Not only are they comfortable to wear (road-tested with our own fair hands) they also keep your hands dry and superficial injury-free. In fact, they are classified as minimal risk Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They have a rubber outer (fair trade of course), a comfy cotton lining to keep your fingers cosy and an elasticated wrist cup to stop any rogue bits of foliage from finding their way in!

Due to their hardiness, they are great for most garden jobs (even the more prickly ones). We’ve used them for pruning roses, clearing brambles, planting bulbs and lots of other little garden jobs without a scratch in sight! After we’ve finished up gardening and the gloves are (literally) off, we like to use our organic beeswax solid hand moisturiser to keep them nice and hydrated!


How are these gardening gloves fair trade?

These gardening gloves are made using fair trade, natural rubber harvested at the first light of dawn in Sri Lanka. The farmers that harvest this rubber are part of DPL’s Firstlight project in Sri Lanka. The natural rubber is harvested by these in the early morning to get the best yields. By selling through Firstlight – which takes its name from this technique – farmers know they will receive regular and fair payments, as well as technical support and help with equipment.

Buying these gloves means you are ensuring producers can grow their businesses, new fair trade products can be developed, small-scale farmers gain access to new markets and unfair trade rules are fought against.

For a humble pair of gardening gloves, they make a rather big difference!


What other fair trade rubber gardening products do you have?

Fair trade rubber from sustainable sources is a great material to use around the garden and can often be used to replace less eco-friendly materials such as plastic. We have reusable rubber seed trays, root trainers and rubber planters, all of which are fantastic. Just make sure you wear these rubber gardening gloves whilst using them to match!


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