Letterbox Brush Seal~ Metal Gold Effect


Do you feel as though you’re in a constant battle to beat the draughts creeping down your chimney, under your doors and through your letterbox? Well, the good news is that draught proofing your home with a Chimney Sheep Internal Letterbox Draught Excluder, is easier than you think.

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How does the Draught Proof Letterbox work?

Whilst your letterbox is often overlooked as a serious source of concern, when it comes to draughts, when you’re keeping a close eye on your energy bills, every little helps. Just like an open window, an open letterbox will act to draw warm air out and allow cold air to creep in. However, complete with thick brush strips- a draught proof letterbox, acts as a barrier to draughts, wind and rain, whilst also preventing warm air from escaping.

What are the benefits of installing a Letterbox Draught Excluder?

  • Energy Efficient~ Installing a letter box draught excluder into your home is an eco-friendly method to help you save money. How? Because by preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from invading, your heating system will no longer need to work as hard, to reach the temperature which you desire.
  • Home Comfort~ Above all else, the Letterbox Insulation Cover is designed to make your home more comfortable, especially during the winter months. Say goodbye to chilly draughts and rain seeping through your letterbox.
  • Easy Install~ The internal letterbox draught excluder measures 335mm x 75mm and attaches very easily to the inside of your door- requiring no tedious DIY work.

Made and manufactured in the UK, the Chimney Sheep Letterbox Brush Seal is available to order in either a “Gold Effect” or “Aluminium Effect”- both beautifully crafted to compliment your home decor.