G1 Rabbit, Pigeon and Deer Deterrent


Stop rabbits, pigeons and deer munching your plants. Grazers G1 formula provides a natural, organic, safe and environmentally-friendly way to prevent pests from eating your greenery, without hurting these pesky creatures.

While we don’t wish wildlife any harm, we do want to stop some creatures from ravaging our trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Grazers G1 Rabbit, Pigeon & Deer Deterrent includes a solution that will control these pests while giving your precious plants an added boost, and  it will also put off mice, voles and squirrels.

How does it stop pests?

Grazers G1 formula, which is based around the plant nutrient calcium, was developed as a mineral growth enhancer for crops, but it soon became clear that the plants that had been treated were being avoided by pests, so the manufacturer decided to market it as a natural pest control product too.

The solution makes the plant taste bitter to the animals and birds that would usually eat it, which means they leave it alone. As well as acting as a Rabbit, Pigeon and Deer Deterrent, the solution also enhances growth and strengthens the plant. So, by applying this product, you’re effectively helping the plant to help itself.

You need to anticipate the pests and spray the plants before damage is caused, repeating the process every six weeks.

Why is this Grazers G1 Rabbit, Pigeon and Deer Deterrent better than chemical pest control products?

Synthetic products can be very effective, but they pose a serious threat to the environment.  They also threaten the future of the food chain. Chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides poison our waters, our soils, other living creatures and our own bodies.

For how long is the product effective?

Grazers G1 formula is absorbed by the plant and grows with it. It lasts for up to six weeks after which it should be reapplied.

Is Grazers G1 Formula harmful to humans or pets?

No. The main ingredient is a form of calcium, which is totally harmless to people, pets and the environment. Grazers G1 formula has been successfully used by farmers since 1999 and is safe to use on both edible and ornamental plants. If applying to vegetables or salad crops, it’s recommended that you wait a week before harvesting them as it may have a subtle effect on the taste.

There is loads of useful information available about damage caused by these pests. If rabbits are your issue, try this website or you can find out more about tackling deer here. If pigeons are attacking your plants, here are some useful tips.

Do you sell any other natural pest control products?

Yes, lots! Take a look here! We can help you protect your plants and homes from all sorts of wildlife.