Ground Bird Feeder Sanctuary


Have you got lots of ground-feeding birds in your garden that don’t use your traditional bird feeders?  But are you worried if you scatter seeds on the ground, that big greedy birds like pigeons and magpies will eat it all and scare away all the ground feeders?

It is quite a common problem, but we have a solution! Our Ground Bird Feeder Sanctuary is designed to be placed on the ground to ensure small, ground-feeding birds such as robins, song thrushes, wrens and house sparrows.

Just place your usual birdseed in the feeder tray and leave it in your garden for them to feast on. The gaps in the metal cage are big enough to let those lovely little ground feeders access the food safely all year round, keeping out those bigger greedy birds, squirrels, cats and any other predators.

Made from steel. Dimensions: H 30cm x W 50cm

Where should I put this Ground Bird Feeder Sanctuary?

The great thing about this Ground Bird Feeder Sanctuary is you can put it anywhere in the garden! On your lawn, nestled in a flowerbed – basically anywhere flat. We love having it so we can see it out the window and watch all those little ground-feeding birds fill their boots. It never fails to lift the spirits!


What food can I use in this Ground Bird Feeder Sanctuary?

You can use any bird feed! We particularly like using our Peanuts for birds and our Sunflower Hearts for birds which are both tasty, high energy and full of lots of vitamins, minerals, healthy oils and protein. You can also crumble our Fat Balls in the little tray for an extra special treat!

Make sure, once you’ve started putting food and water out for the birds, that you continue throughout the year (yes, winter too!). They come to rely on you and will even learn your feeding routines. You can learn more about what to feed birds safely on the Johnston & Jeff website or from the RSPB.


What bird species are ground feeders?

Thrushes, wrens, chaffinches, dunnocks, blackbirds, house sparrows and robin are all ground feeding birds which means they mostly scour for insects and other forms of sustenance from the soil. They are the types of birds you see hopping around your back garden on the grass, having a good old peck into the soil. The ‘early birds that catch the worms’!


How else can I help wild birds in my garden?

One of the reasons lots of birds and other wildlife are under threat is because of loss of habitat. This can be helped by providing them places to live and nest! We have a selection of bird boxes which make the perfect little places for birds. Our Robin and Blackbird Open Fronted Nest Box is a great one to pair with our Ground Bird Feeder Sanctuary because Robins are lovely little ground feeders! To help birds make their nest boxes super cosy, place some of our sheep wool nesting material in your garden and watch them slowly transport it into the nest boxes to make a cosy nest.

This is a topic we are really passionate about here at Chimney Sheep. We’re trying to do our bit at Chimney Sheep by rewilding local land through our Buy Land Plant Trees initiative to try and help create habitat for lots of wildlife species!