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Woolly Felted Deer – Handcrafted and Fairtrade

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Woolly Felted Deer – Handcrafted and Fairtrade

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This beautiful felted deer would be a fantastic addition to your fireplace. Made from 100% felted wool – this deer has been made in Nepal by workers paid a fair wage.

The materials and dyes used are 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable – making this woollen dangle a wonderful eco-friendly addition to any fireplace, shelf or wall.

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A Chimney Sheep Woolly felted deer might just be the touch of cuteness your home needs!

All our woolly felted animals have been sourced with sustainability in mind.

They are made of sheep’s wool, this is a renewable, compostable and eco-friendly material.

Each dangle is carefully hand made by workers in Nepal; who are paid a fair wage for their time!

The animals are made using handcrafted techniques passed down from generation to generation- using a process that requires very little energy or electricity!

Every animal is a little bit unique – but all are incredibly well designed and made.


What are the benefits of wool ?

Wool is a widely available – eco textile, it is naturally renewable, recyclable and compostable. Here at Chimney Sheep we think wool is fantastic! Our other product the Chimney Sheep- chimney draught excluder is made using 100% Herdwick wool!

Wool naturally resists dirt and odour because it has antimicrobial properties , therefore your Woolly Felted Deer should remain nice and clean for years to come !

Wool is very flame retardant meaning if you do decide to hang this lovely dangle from your fireplace – you can rest assured that it won’t easily burst into flames!

If you’re interested in our other woolly Chimney Sheep products – take a look at the sheep here

Or if you’d like to know more about the benefits of wool – check out this brilliant online article here

So I know all about your Woolly Felted Deer and other animals but, what other uses are there for wool?

Wool is an incredibly versatile material – it has great insulating, draught excluding and sound dampening properties which make it useful for a wide variety of things.

Of course you will have heard of woolly jumpers, woolly blankets, wool carpets but you may not have heard of wool gardening products! Chimney Sheep has an exclusive range of 100% natural wool based garden products including wool felted shillies – a great mulching material and wool based garden felt – perfect for smothering weeds and giving nutrients to new veg patches.

We also use wool as a filler for our heavy duty door draught excluders – we find that the wool off cuts provide a nice heavy and dense fill to the door draught excluders- so they are very effective.

And of course – our Chimney Sheep Chimney Draught Excluder is made of 100% Herdwick wool too!





3 reviews for Woolly Felted Deer – Handcrafted and Fairtrade

  1. Susan Oliver

    So cute

    Perfect addition to the Christmas decorations or any other time of year.

  2. Faye Owen

    Woolley Felted Deer

    Really very lovely, well made decoration. Perfect Secret Santa gift!

  3. Julieann Coombe

    Wool felted deer

    Gorgeous ! Great size and look. It’s going on my Christmas tree😃

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