Hand Painted Metal Rooster (9.5cm x 7.5cm)


Roosters aren’t just for Easter! This little fellow will brighten up your fireplace any time of the year. They come in four different colour schemes, but if you want a particular colour please say so in the customer comments section when you check out.

Colour varieties include:

  • Brown and pink
  • Red and orange
  • Green and red


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Give your disused fireplace a new lease of life with a charming hand painted fireplace dangle from Chimney Sheep’s exclusive collection. From floral hearts to cowbells and metal roosters – these colourful hanging decorations will contrast beautifully with your dark fireplace. But did you know that looking pretty is not all that these little guys were designed for? They also act as a visual reminder that a Chimney Sheep draught stopper is installed in the chimney flue so you and other family members don’t unknowingly light a fire.

Being naturally fire retardant, you don’t need to worry about your felted wool draught excluder catching fire. And even though Chimney Sheep draught excluders come with a complimentary perma-dangle, hanging a butterfly from your extension rod is a quirky way of bringing a little flutter into your home.

To hang your fireplace accessory, find the small hanging loop on the back, undo the chain attaching the permadangle to the handle and then attach it to your dangle.

Our range of hand painted metal dangles are available in the following shapes and sizes:

  • Rooster (9.5cm x 7.5cm)
  • Cowbell (10cm x 7.7cm)
  • Pink Butterfly (10cm x 14cm)
  • Iron Bird (13cm x 6.5cm)
  • Floral Design (13cm x 9.0cm)
  • Floral Stripes (14cm x 17cm

Not sure which one to buy?

As they’re all so nice, if you can’t choose which one to buy we’ll send you a lucky dip! Otherwise, if you know exactly which one you’d like, please specify the colour and pattern in the ‘customer comments’ section during the checkout process.