Natural Jute Weed Control Matting: 1.5m wide felted jute on the roll / sold per metre


Remove the need to weed with this heavy-duty jute felt mulch weed control matting on a roll!

It is £7.50 per metre so if you order 1 you’ll get 1 metre x 1.5 metre, if you order 2 you’ll get 2 metres x 1.5 metres and so on. If you want to buy the whole roll, contact us and we’ll work out a price for you with delivery at cost.

This jute is made from recycled coffee bags. It is needle-punched onto jute hessian to create a robust but flexible 5mm thick mulch material. It effectively supresses weeds, retains water, and protects the roots from excessive heat or cold. The jute lasts for around 12 – 18 months, after which time the whips should be well established.

Why use Weed Control matting?

All young saplings need protection from weeds until they become established. This is conventionally done using chemical controls. If you want to avoid using herbicides then it involves back-breaking physical weeding or use of a strimmer which risks nicking the bark and damaging the trees you are trying to protect. This is especially difficult with hedging where the whips are planted so close together. Using this jute on a roll means that the weeds are effectively controlled from day 1, without any need to return and manage your planting. It will also help to retain water in draught conditions.

Does the Weed Control matting need pegging down?

Conventional weed control fabric made of synthetic materials tend to be light-weight and need pegging out. We find that the felted jute has sufficient weight to hold itself in place without the need to peg it down. However if it is being applied in a particularly windy location or somewhere it is likely to get kicked about then it can be pegged out using food-use bamboo skewers. These will hold it in place and gradually biodegrade so as to avoid the use of plastic pegs.

How long is a roll?

Each roll is 16m long. The price is per linear metre so that’s 1.5 metres squared. It’s £7.50 per metre and you’ll only get charged £1.99 delivery however much you order.