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Herbarium Kit

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Herbarium Kit


Step into the fascinating world of botany and make your own herbarium!

We love this eco-friendly, simple to use herbarium kit for children. It’s simple to use, creating a wonderful piece of natural art to study and treasure for years to come.

It offers every child an outdoor experience and a visual record of the plants collected, identified, and pressed. Putting those creative little minds to work, whilst learning!

It comes with a natural jute bag to store and transport your kit. Inside holds everything you need: hard-backed spiral bound book containing 50 sheets of blank cartridge paper, bottle of PVA glue with applicator, paintbrush, classification labels, 12 colour block watercolour set, tweezers, and an illustrated guide.

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Can you tell me a bit more about each of the products in the Herbarium Kit?

Our Herbarium Kit comes in a perfect-sized, drawstring bag, and is made from lovely, natural jute hessian.

Included in the drawstring bag are:

  • Hardback book – an A5, spiral-bound hardback book, containing 50 sheets of 160gsm cartridge paper – ready to become your very own Herbarium!
  • Watercolours – a 12-colour, block watercolour set, perfect for a bit of observational painting, to really bring things to life in your own way
  • Paintbrush – a slim, size 4 paintbrush, with a beautiful wooden handle – great for the delicate illustration of your plants
  • Classification labels – 5 sheets of classification labels, for jotting down any information about your plants, such as where they’re from!
  • PVA glue – 50ml of white PVA glue, held in a screw-top bottle, ready to keep your plants safely in place in your hardback book
  • Tweezers – a pair of round-ended, metal tweezers, for the delicate handling of fragile plants
  • Herbarium guide – an illustrated guide, full of useful hints and tips on capturing and classifying plant specimens

Who would this be appropriate for?

Anyone aged 6 and over. Whether you’re a curious young mind or an experienced botanist, this kit provides the tools for you to be able to enjoy a peaceful, yet creative activity. Without disturbing rare or protected plants, you’ll be able to create your own visual record to look back on. Not only will you have your samples, but you can also paint, draw or even photograph the plants, for a bit of added detail! Press and stick your leaf or flower into your herbarium and record any important information, creating your very own scientific library of interesting plants, and a work of art to look back on!

Why is it important to get children to play outdoors?

Here at Chimney Sheep, we see the value in nature play! Being outdoors is great for our mental and physical growth, education, and understanding of the world and our place in it. We want to make playing outside fun and interesting by doing something a little different.  Our range of kits will provide an activity for all interests. Whether your child is arty or sporty, into bugs or flowers, we’ll have a kit for them. Providing children with all they need to play and learn, leaving an enduring connection with nature and all it holds!

Research founded by The Wildlife Trust found children’s well-being increased after they had spent time connecting with nature. Children have reported their experience outside made them more confident and capable of doing new things when they tried, learned something new, and formed better relationships with classmates. More benefits of outdoor play can be found here.

Need more ideas on how to keep kids busy in the holidays? Check out our blog full of outdoor summer fun suggestions.


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