Fairtrade Beaded Herdwick Sheep Dangle


As you may know, we are rather a big fan of Herdwick sheep – the wool from these sheep are what we use to make our Chimney Sheep® draught excluders. So why not double up on your Herdwick and get one of our quirky Fairtrade beaded Herdwick dangles to remind you that your Chimney Sheep® is in your chimney!

These intricate little dangles are made exclusively for us by crafters in the Kwazulu Natal Region of South Africa and will add a bit of Herdy charm to any room.

Dimensions: 10cm x 7.5cm

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Why is it useful to attach a dangle to a Chimney Sheep®?

Although each of our Chimney Sheep® comes with a safety tag attached to the handle, our cute little beaded Herdwick sheep dangle will add an extra bit of ‘wow’ to your fireplace.

They also act as an extra reminder that there is a draught excluder in your chimney. This is really important because although Chimney Sheep® are fire retardant (and will give off a rather poignant scent to alert you if it is accidentally lit) if you wish to light your fire, you must ALWAYS remove your Chimney Sheep®.

The person who lights the fire, will not necessarily be the same person that inserted the Chimney Sheep® draught excluder, so a visible dangle acts as a great reminder that there is a Chimney Sheep®  and will eliminate any risk of your sheep (both the one in the chimney and the dangle!) getting a little hot and bothered!


How do I attach this Herdwick sheep dangle to my Chimney Sheep®?

To hang this beaded Herdwick dangle from your Chimney Sheep®, undo the chain on the safety dangle that says ‘don’t ewe forget about me’ (all our Chimney Sheep® come with these), thread it through the small hanging loop at the back of the dangle and re-fix it onto the Chimney Sheep® handle. The shaped beaded wire will then dangle happily in its new home.


Where is this Herdwick sheep dangle from?

These Fairtrade quirky beaded Herdy have been exclusively made for us by crafters in the KwaZulu-Natal Region of South Africa. We source these from Zuza Trading who support various income generation projects in South Africa.

They help to run various projects with the purpose of providing a skill that will generate an income for people from various communities, either with high unemployment, single mothers or people living with HIV and AIDS from established support groups in South Africa. Crafters work from their homes in the townships. Raw materials are issued to each of the crafters and, on completion, the stock is delivered by them back to the project centres. Completed crafts are quality checked, new orders are issued, new raw materials issued and payment is made directly into the crafters’ bank accounts based on each completed order. Income earned by the crafters allows them to provide shelter, food, clothing and education for their children and families.

Zuza Trading works with established non-government organisations (NGOs) in South Africa and their goal is to secure orders to supply these crafters with a sustainable income.