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High Energy Fat Balls – Pack of 10

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High Energy Fat Balls – Pack of 10


These delicious High Energy Fat Balls are SUCH a treat for all your feathered garden friends.

They contain everything a wild bird needs to stay fit and healthy –good fats, natural minerals, protein and fibre. No cheap bulking agents in these fat balls! Just pop them into a fat ball feeder or crumble them onto a bird table and watch the birds flock.

The fat balls are packaged in a greaseproof brown paper bag and are not wrapped in plastic net bags which means this product qualifies as a Plastic Free Present (PFP)! Hooray!

This pack contains 10 fat balls

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Why are these High Energy Fat Balls better than others?

It’s all about the recipe with these High Energy Fat Balls! The wonderful Johnston & Jeff produce these for us to ensure they contain everything wild birds need to stay fit and well.

The key ingredient is suet. It’s a pure refined animal or vegetable fat and is one of the most concentrated, easily-metabolised instant energy foods for wild birds. It is a good source of much-needed nutrients and the birds love it.

They also contain lots of cereals, seeds, and natural minerals, making them an ideal source of protein and fibre. With Johnston & Jeff, it’s the ingredients that matter. You won’t find any cheap bulking agents inside their products.

Johnston & Jeff also monitor and test all the ingredients they use to make certain they are safe. They clean all their raw materials to a purity level of 99.9% to ensure no contamination with fungal toxins.


How do I feed these High Energy Fat Balls to the birds?

There are a couple of simple ways! You can serve them like you would peanuts and seeds, in a hanging feeder, like our special fat ball feeder or you can crumble them up onto your bird table and add some other seed mixtures for an extra treat.

If you want to make sure those ground-feeding birds, such as robins and blackbirds, get a good feast of fat balls too, why not use our ground feeder sanctuary and crumble them onto the little tray?


Why should we be feeding birds?

Helping our bird population find a healthy source of food is increasingly important as their natural habitats are in decline. According to the RSPB, changes in farming practices and land use have played a major part in the falling number of birds as their food sources are diminished and nesting opportunities change.


Do I need to feed the birds all year round?

In short, yes.  In the spring, birds need to build up their strength for nest building and to get into the best breeding condition. During the summer, the parents are tired and their offspring need to get into strong shape for the autumn and winter months, then in the coldest weather. They need your food supplies to see them through to another year. It is really important that once you start feeding birds, you continue to do so because they will come to rely on you and will even learn your feeding routines.

The RSPB website has loads of advice available about what to feed the birds and when to do it, as do Johnston & Jeff.


What else can I do to help the wildlife in my garden?

All sorts! For birds, and other types of garden wildlife, one of their greatest threats is their loss of habitat which causes a reduction in the number of places for them to nest and breed. The solution? Create safe places for them to nest! We have a great range of houses for birdsbats, bugs and hedgehogs so you can attract so many different wildlife species to your garden. Have a look at what’s on offer here.


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