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If You Care 100% Recycled Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil

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If You Care 100% Recycled Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil

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Our If You Care Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil is just like our standard Aluminium Foil but EXTRA STRONG. It is slightly thicker and comes in a wider roll, which makes it perfect for ‘big’ kitchen tasks, like covering things in the oven (a big Christmas Day turkey, for example), on the BBQ and on the grill. And, just like our standard aluminium foil, is a great eco-alternative because of the massive difference it makes to the environment when you choose to use it. All without sacrificing on quality!

This foil is made with 100% recycled Aluminium which uses 95% less energy vs. the manufacturing of your bog-standard foil by cutting out the power-intensive process of mining new aluminium. Instead, the foil is made from aluminium that has already been used and recycled! It means less waste and a BIG saviour for the environment. See why we love it so much now?

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Size: 7m x 40cm

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Why is this heavy duty aluminium foil so useful?

This roll of heavy duty aluminium foil is much stronger than the regular one we sell, so is better suited to ‘bigger’ kitchen jobs (although is perfectly fine to use for things like wrapping up picnic sandwiches too). We love to use it on the BBQ for our corn on the cobs in the summer and in the oven for covering our Sunday Roasts when it is a wee bit colder out!

The reason it works so well is because it has some great food protection qualities:

  • It preserves the nutritional value and the quality of food.
  • It protects against light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria.
  • It also preserves taste, aroma, moisture, vitamins and consistency.

What makes this heavy duty aluminium foil eco-friendly?

  • Made from 100% recycled aluminium – traditional foil manufacturing requires A LOT of energy. And we mean A LOT! There is actually no reason to mine new aluminium to make foil because we already have lots in use that can be recycled, reformed and reused! By using aluminium from a 100% recycled source creates much less energy waste. In fact, the manufacturing of this foil uses only 5% of the energy required for making regular aluminium foil. That is some big energy savings and therefore a great way to reduce foil’s impact on the environment!
  • Can be recycled after use – you know how we just mentioned recycling? Well, guess what? YOU CAN RECYCLE THIS FOIL AGAIN! We aren’t joking. Once you’ve used it, wipe it down and put in in your recycling. If you aren’t sure your council takes metal/foil recycling, have a look here to check where your nearest recycling point is.
  • Sustainable packaging – not only is the foil produced sustainably but the packaging is too! The cardboard box is made from 100% recycled unbleached cardboard using non-toxic glues and inks. Once you’ve finished your roll of foil, don’t forget to recycle it again!

Why is it important to recycle aluminium?

  • To reduce the volume of aluminium going into landfill – if the aluminium is going into landfill then it means that it literally is going to waste. It is sat in a landfill site, being completely useless and could potentially be harmful to wildlife and their habitats (think about aluminium cans and how sharp they are once they’ve been opened). By recycling it you are ensuring the aluminium is being put to good use again! It’s a bit like having an old pair of jeans in your wardrobe. You might not wear them anymore but someone else might, so you take them to a charity shop or sell them on. It’s the same sort of concept – why throw away a perfectly functioning material like aluminium if it can be repurposed and made into something useful for someone else?
  • To conserve aluminium resources – aluminium comes from the earth’s crust in many parts of the world as the mineral bauxite. It is a resource that requires mining and, like many of the earth’s natural resources, we are using them faster than they are being created. There is only a finite amount of aluminium, so we need to ensure that we conserve as much as possible and treat it like the precious resource it is. Recycling helps us do this as we are reusing the aluminium that has already been mined without taking any more from the earth.
  • To reduce the amount of energy used producing items from virgin aluminium foil – it takes one litre of fuel to make three rolls of virgin aluminium foil. That same litre of fuel can make 60 (yes 6-0) rolls of If You Care aluminium foil. That is an incredible improvement in energy efficiency. Not only that but recycling 1kg of aluminium can save up to 8kg of bauxite, 4kg in chemical products and 14,000 watts of electricity. It is just a no brainer isn’t it?

Why should we be buying recycled aluminium products?

We can recycle aluminium all we want, but if we don’t actually buy products made of recycled aluminium (like this foil), then what’s the point? It is the same with recycling plastic – if you recycle plastic, you should also buy products made or packaged with recycled plastic, like our clothes pegs. Doing this is called “closing the loop”.

If we just recycle and then don’t actually buy products made of recycled materials, then materials like recycled aluminium and plastic will just keep piling up until it gets thrown away or burned. Back to square one. So, recycle and buy recycled!

3 reviews for If You Care 100% Recycled Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil

  1. Karen Armstrong

    I haven’t used foil for years, I miss it for certain things, hence my order from Chimney Sheep. Love it’s credentials and I presume what I recycle from this roll will be made into future rolls. Can’t beat that!

  2. Maggot

    Tough foil for tough work.

    Just what is needed when the everyday foil cannot cope. Really good standby and lives up to expectations from heading, thank you.

  3. Unsmoothed

    Very good product

    Fed up with thin tinfoil where the legs of the bird burst through on contact. This is a thick quality product but still flexible to get it to the right shape. Am also managing to reuse the foil for other things as it stands up to being cleaned. Never had that before!

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