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If You Care Household Rubber Gloves

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If You Care Household Rubber Gloves


Everyone needs a good pair of rubber gloves in their household arsenal. These If You Care Rubber Gloves are our go-to when we are either cleaning or washing up! Not only are they a rather Chimney Sheep green (which of course we love) but are extremely practical too. They are durable, made of 100% natural rubber latex with no fillers, have roll-top cuffs to help them stay up and have an excellent grip which means less dropping of soapy plates whilst washing up.

These rubber gloves also have a 100% natural cotton lining (which has come from renewable sources) and have been specially formulated for increased protection from heat and house household detergents – good news for your hands (and that manicure you got last week!).

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What can I use these Household Rubber Gloves for?

These Household Rubber Gloves are super strong which makes them perfect for a variety of uses such as dishwashing, general household cleaning and bathroom cleaning. However, we would always recommend using a separate pair of gloves for dishwashing versus all other cleaning just to be extra safe.

These gloves are bound to brighten up your ‘sink-side’ no end and would be perfectly paired with our recycled plastic dish brush, our recycled plastic sponge scourers and recycled plastic crockery drainer for the ultimate eco-friendly kitchen sink!


What are these Household Rubber Gloves made of?

These If You Care Household Gloves are made from 100% FSC Certified, fairly traded rubber latex which means the rubber has been sourced from a responsibly managed plantation. In fact, the rubber tappers, who cut the bark to get the raw material flowing, have received a fair trade premium which helps to improve the lives of their families but also the economy in their village. Being made from 100% latex means there are absolutely no synthetic fillers which helps to make them extra strong.

These gloves are also lined with 100% natural cotton from renewable sources, helping your hands stay protected and make sure they fit comfortably!

Due to the fact these gloves are made from all-natural materials, they are fully compostable (cool right?!) You can do this by cutting them into small pieces with scissors and adding them to your compost!


Natural rubber vs synthetic rubber

Our fair trade rubber gloves are made of 100% natural rubber, but a lot of rubber products are made from synthetic rubber. So what is the difference? Well, natural rubber (surprise, surprise) is derived from a natural source – the “rubber tree” or Hevea brasiliensis. Synthetic rubber on the other hand is made from petroleum-based chemicals, which as we all know, are really harmful to the environment and are contributing to global warming.

Natural rubber can also come with its challenges (we know, it’s a minefield isn’t it?!) with deforestation being the main concern. We would always suggest trying to buy rubber products that have been produced from a sustainable and ethical source to ensure it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our rubber gloves are a perfect example!


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