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Recycled Metal Fish Dangle

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Recycled Metal Fish Dangle

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This beautiful, iridescent fish dangle makes the perfect Chimney Sheep® accessory, adding a touch of quirkiness to your fireplace.

Made of recycled tin and scrap metal in Mexico, each little elephant is completely unique. Its different colours and patterns are formed by a combination of different gases and melted copper and brass. The eye-catching iridescent blues and greens are created in a secret technique known only by their makers.

Dimensions: 12cm x 11cm

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Add a quirky touch to your home and fireplace with Chimney Sheeps iridescent copper and tin fish fireplace dangle. Each are handmade in Mexico, using a secret local technique, which fires them using a combination of different gases, melted copper and brass. The result? A striking medley of iridescent blues and greens, which illuminate and shimmer in the light.

To fix your iridescent copper and tin fish fireplace dangle in place, please find the small hanging loop on the back, then undo the chain attaching the permadangle to the handle and re-fix it with your dangle in place. With a choice of a Copper & Tin Fish, Swimming Frog, Whale or Dragonfly- each dangle is sure to cheer up a dark fireplace, but would look just as pretty hung around your home.



1 review for Recycled Metal Fish Dangle

  1. Julieann Coombe

    One for the fishers

    Another christmas gift sorted for my fishing fanatic bro in law .😃

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