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Iridescent Copper and Tin Fish (12cm x 8.0cm)

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Iridescent Copper and Tin Fish (12cm x 8.0cm)


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Add a quirky touch to your home and fireplace with Chimney Sheeps iridescent copper and tin fish fireplace dangle. Each are handmade in Mexico, using a secret local technique, which fires them using a combination of different gases, melted copper and brass. The result? A striking medley of iridescent blues and greens, which illuminate and shimmer in the light.

To fix your iridescent copper and tin fish fireplace dangle in place, please find the small hanging loop on the back, then undo the chain attaching the permadangle to the handle and re-fix it with your dangle in place. With a choice of a Copper & Tin Fish, Swimming Frog, Whale or Dragonfly- each dangle is sure to cheer up a dark fireplace, but would look just as pretty hung around your home.

Why should I use a Chimney Sheep Dangle?

Not only do we think our dangles make a very pretty fireplace decoration, but more importantly, they act as a reminder that there is a chimney draught excluder in your chimney. Why? Because although Chimney Sheep are fire retardant, if you wish to light your fire, you must ALWAYS remove the chimney blocker first.

The person who lights the fire, will not necessarily be the same person that inserted the Chimney Sheep draught excluder, so ensuring that a part of the Chimney Sheep is always visible, will eliminate any risk of your sheep getting a little hot and bothered in the future.

Although you can be assured that a Chimney Sheep will not catch alight, if in the event that you do light the fire, whilst the Chimney Sheep is still in the chimney- your poor sheep will however, give off a rather poignant scent to alert you.


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