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Irridescent Snail Garden Ornament

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Irridescent Snail Garden Ornament

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Now here’s a snail that you do want in your garden! This charming garden character is made of copper, tin and brass, fired using a secret technique to create beautiful iridescent colours. Each one has unique colours and patterns, hand made in Mexico and fairly traded. It’s a little too heavy to be an ornament for Chimney Sheeps as it weighs 110 grams but it looks brilliant as a garden ornament or around the house. There’s a hoop on the back for hanging it on a nail or hook. From nose to tail it’s 155mm and from shell top to coppery bottom it’s 130mm.




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How to cheer up a dull corner of a garden

Garden ornaments are a great way of adding colour and character to a garden. Some can be bold and cheerful, and others can be a nice surprise while looking around the garden or as certain plants die back. Some garden ornaments are referred to as “bling” but this iridescent snail is tasteful and a little quirky. They add an unexpected splash of colour to contrast with or enhance your planting, or to cheer up a dull corner. They can even be moved around – if a plant has finished blooming or is taking a long time to come out, then the snail can be placed in that spot to cheer it up temporarily. The best way of doing this is to fix it to an pot with a specimen plant that can be moved around. Alternatively, fix it to a piece of driftwood that can be staked out strategically.


1 review for Irridescent Snail Garden Ornament

  1. Caroline Hooper

    A friendly snail

    Really pretty. Love it & so will my sister who I am giving it to.

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