13.5″ / 35cm Jute Tree Spat Mulch Mat pack of 10


Young trees face strong competition from grass and weeds. The convention is to control weeds by herbicide, manual weeding,or regular strimming. Fitting a jute mulch mat around the base of the tree is an environmentally-friendly and effective solution.

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Just as with the 5 pack of mulch mats, these 13.5″ / 35cm discs of 100% felted jute will nurture and protect your tender plants.

Chemical-free weed control

The jute disc slots around the base of the plant, supressing other competitive weeds and grasses. The competing plants are deprived of light, and perish. The mats last around two years, which is plenty of time for even the most resilient of weeds to rot away. The Tree Spat Mulch Mat is also ideal for covering bare ground in order to prevent competitive weeds from seeding.

Conserve water

The mulch mats retain water in the soil, reducing evaporation, meaning you need to water the plants less and retaining moisture for the plant’s roots.

Inhibit Pests

OK, so I can’t promise that these will keep the slugs off your hostas, but the texture is spiky and rough, making it an unpleasant surface for slugs and snails to cross. If there is a more easy-access plant then they will tend to avoid the jute mats protecting the more tender plants, and go for the easier option.

Naturally biodegradable

The jute mulch mats are made of 100% plant material so over time (around one year or a bit more) they will gradually biodegrade introducing nutrients to the plant as it goes. By that time your plant should be big and strong enough to fend for itself or you can just put another mat down. These packs of 1o are more cost-effective but get in touch with us if you want larger quantities or different sizes.

How do I use biodegradable Tree Spat Mulch Matting?

Simply slot your eco-friendly weed mat around the base of your tree sapling, shrub or delicate plant. It should not need any pegging out. Larger bespoke mulch mats can be pegged with bamboo skewers (for mini kebabs!) if you need a biodegradable peg, but we have found with the ones we use that they stay put and do not blow around as the lighter polypropylene tree spats do.