13.5″ / 35cm Jute Tree Spat Mulch Mats pack of 5


Young trees face strong competition from grass and weeds. The convention is to control weeds by manual weeding, herbicide, or regular strimming. Fitting a jute mulch mat around the base of the tree is an environmentally-friendly and effective solution.

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Chimney Sheep biodegradable Tree Spat Mulch Mats are discs of 100% natural jute, which are designed to slot around the base of tree saplings, shrubs and delicate plants. By improving the fertility and health of soil, garden mulching protects roots and therefore improves the establishment and survival rates of new plants and trees.

What are the benefits of using jute mulch mats?

  • Prevents Competition~  When placed over bare soil or grass, gardening mulch acts as a barrier to sunlight. Suppressing the growth of weeds and grass, mulching therefore eliminates the issue of plants having to compete for moisture and nutrients, whilst also deterring slugs and other garden pests.
  • 100% Biodegradable~  Unlike other tree spats  which are most commonly made of polypropylene, Chimney Sheep Jute Biodegradable Tree Spats are 100% eco-friendly.  Because jute is a naturally grown plant, it is biodegradable. This means that your eco-friendly weed mats will slowly decompose around your plants and release valuable nutrients into the soil.
  • Naturally prevent water loss ~ Jute Tree Spat Mulch Mats help to retain moisture in the soil, by reducing evaporation. They significantly reduce  the need for you to water your plants in warmer weather.

How do I use biodegradable Tree Spat Mulch Matting?

Simply slot your eco-friendly weed mat around the base of your tree sapling, shrub or delicate plant. It should not need any pegging out. Larger bespoke mulch mats can be pegged with bamboo skewers (for kebabs!) if you need a biodegradable peg, but we have found with the ones we use that they stay put and do not blow around as the lighter polypropylene ones do.

These Chimney Sheep Jute Tree Spat Mulch Mats measure 13.5 inches (35 cm) in diameter and are available in packs of five.