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Large Laundry Mac ™ outdoor laundry protector

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Large Laundry Mac ™ outdoor laundry protector

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This Laundry Mac™ is large enough to fit larger 3 and 4 armed rotary dryers. It is 3 metres in diameter. If your rotary dryer is between 2.5 and 3 metres in diameter this is the one for you. It needs a laundry prop to support it in the centre, so it makes a kind of tent over your laundry and the water runs off. If you’ve already got a laundry prop you don’t need another, which is why we’ve got it as a separate listing. We don’t like to sell you stuff you don’t need! Plus it costs a lot to send, which makes the whole thing more expensive. If you haven’t got a laundry prop, pop one in the basket.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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Just hung the laundry out and it looks like rain? No problem, flip the Laundry Mac ™ over it!

Off to work for the day, and won’t be there to take the laundry in when the forecast shower this afternoon passes through? No problem, leave the Laundry Mac™ to protect it!

No time to hang the laundry out in the morning, and it’s 11 o’clock at night? No problem, put it out for the night with a Laundry Mac™ protecting it!

Love the birds in your garden but get fed up with them pooping on your nice clean washing? No problem, hang a Laundry Mac™ over it!

Lucky enough to live somewhere hot and sunny, where your laundry dries in minutes but gets bleached by the sun? No problem, put a Laundry Mac™ over it!

The Laundry Mac™ is a simple and effective way of protecting your laundry from showers when it’s hanging on a rotary dryer (whirligig!). It is a large disc of waterproof, breathable fabric with weights around the edge, that fastens onto three-armed and four-armed rotary dryers. It is propped in the centre so that water runs off. It is just like putting a waterproof coat over your laundry, protecting it from rain showers and enabling you to get your laundry dried outside whatever the weather.

How to get the Laundry Mac™ set up the first time you use it

The Laundry Mac™ has 12 holes around the circumference. If your rotary dryer has three arms, fit a band in one hole, miss three, fit a band in the next hole, then miss three. You should have three bands evenly spaced around your Laundry Mac™.

If your rotary dryer has four arms, fit a band in one hole, miss two, fit a band in the next hole, miss two, until you have four bands evenly spaced around the perimeter of the large Laundry Mac™.

These bands stay here now so you’ll only have to bother with fitting the bands once.

How to use your Laundry Mac ™

  1. Hang your washing on the rotary dryer / whirligig. It’s recommended to hand longer / bigger items nearer the centre and smaller things towards the outside edge, so the bigger things are sheltered from any driving rain.
  2. Pop the Laundry Mac™ over the washing and loop a band over each arm. You may need to tighten or loosen the elastic a little to get it the way you want it.
  3. Prop the Laundry Mac™ in the centre using a telescopic clothes prop so that the water runs off rather than ponding in the middle.

10 reviews for Large Laundry Mac ™ outdoor laundry protector

  1. Stephanie

    Good product

    The laundry mac hasn’t been thoroughly tested yet as I’ve only just bought it, but it seems to be much better quality than another one I bought before, which cracked and split.
    I agree that you need a prop and will have to source one before using it properly.
    Delighted to see that purchasing the product is supporting the environment too.

  2. Mary Thomas

    Laundry Mac.

    Excellent. Put clothes out overnight. Covered with the mac, supported undeneath by an upside down plastic barrel secured to the line in such a way that it allowed the line to turn and stopped rain water gathering. Rained most of the night. Clothes dry in the morning. Very pleased.

  3. The Grinch

    Well designed

    It’s huge and it’s made of thick and hydrophobic material. The quality of the material exceeded my expectations, it’s not like a thin plastic you can buy elsewhere.

  4. Maurice Hanson

    Great Rain Cover

    We had done some washing and the weather forecast was rain. We hung the washing out and put the rain cover on and it was great. At least the washing didn’t get as wet as what it was when it came out of the washing machine. Once the weather cleared up, we were able to take the rain cover off and finish drying the washing in the wind. Would recommend this to anyone. We have not tried it in really windy weather yet, so will see how this goes.

  5. AD

    Dry in the Rain

    Good product that enables washing to be hung out in the rain. Highly recommended. I’ve used a pipe taped to centre of rotary to allow rain to run off.

  6. AJ

    Great idea!

    Great idea. You really do need a prop if you have a rotary, as otherwise the cover just fills with water (as we discovered after fitting one without a prop shortly before a thunderstorm hit!). You need to take the cap off the top of the central post of the rotary and feed the prop into it. Raise the prop as high as you can. In addition, we found we had to use a couple of bungee cords between two adjacent flaps, or they just blew upwards.

    Minor flaws that don’t take away from the fact that our previous cover (completely different set up) only lasted a year at a time, and cost over 2x as much each time we replaced it. We are very hopeful of this one.

  7. Isobel


    Excellent well worth the money

  8. Scurlntig35

    Would definitely recommend Large Chimney Sheep Laundry MAC

    I used to have a rotaire & was sad when I could no longer get a replacement but then I found the Chimney Sheep This is my second one – first one still doing great just wanted a spare just in case. We have adapted the fixing from the old rotaire ie the netting & the central pole rather than needing about with a line prop. We leave it up in all weathers but obviously not strong winds. I must admit I personally prefer the material of the chimney sheep to the old rotaire. Very happy with it. Would definitely recommend.

  9. mr j wellsteed

    delivered when said,product perfect

    delivered when said,product perfect

  10. texaspetey

    Good idea in principle but time will tell

    Proof will be whether the clothes dry but the process is fairly simple and although I didn’t realise they suggest a clothes prop I just used a broom handle attached to the rotary central pole by 2 cable ties. Expensive for what it is but it does feel good quality and weighted so you would be able to just toss a tarpaulin over it.

    Will update to say whether it works or not. I know I the photo the sheets should be pegged length ways but this is a test. Light but consistent drizzle today.

    Large Laundry Mac ™ outdoor laundry protector
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