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Letterbox Draught Excluder with Flap – Chrome Effect

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Letterbox Draught Excluder with Flap – Chrome Effect

(21 customer reviews)


Stop those pesky draughts sneaking through your letterbox with our easy to install letterbox draught excluder with flap. Designed to go on the inside of your door, it acts as a barrier against draughts, wind and rain whilst also preventing warm air from escaping your home.

Complete with thick, intermeshing brush strips that create a sealed barrier against draughts and a hinged chrome effect flap to cover the bristles, installing one of these will make your home cosier and more energy efficient.

Made in the UK from rust and tarnish free anodised aluminium.

Fits aperture size 254mm x 39mm

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What are the benefits of installing this Letterbox Draught Excluder?

A bit like with our chimneys, have an open letter box is like having a small open window, drawing warm air out of your home and allowing cold air in. We can plug our chimneys with a Chimney Sheep® so why not draught-proof our letterboxes too with a letterbox draught excluder?

Doing so will:

  • Save you money – whilst your letterbox is often overlooked as a serious source of concern when it comes to draughts, if you are keeping a close eye on your energy bills, every little helps!
  • Make your home more energy-efficient – installing a letterbox draught excluder into your home will make your home more eco-friendly by preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from invading. This means your heating system will no longer need to work as hard to reach the temperature which you desire.
  • Ensure your home is warm, cosy and dry– stopping warm air from escaping and cold air getting in will help to keep your home toasty and dry. Rather important on those cold and rainy winter evenings in front of the TV!

Each of our letterbox draught excluders is made in the UK by Stormguard who is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of draught excluders for doors and windows, so you know it is going to be good!


How do I install this Letterbox Draught Excluder?

One of the best things about this letterbox draught excluder is that it is SO quick and easy to install! Trust us, we tried it and you can’t go wrong. There will be no DIY disasters with this product!

It comes with pre-drilled fixing holes as well as the fixings you will need to fix it in place as well as the all important instructions. Have a look here to see how to install the letterbox draught excluder with flap


How else can I draught-proof my house?

You may have guessed but we are rather big fans of draught-proofing and there is good reason. IT WORKS whilst being easy, cost-effective and a pretty quick way for you to feel warmer.

If you have a house with an open chimney we would always suggest draught-proofing your chimney first. It is often the biggest source of heat loss in homes with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) stating that 80 cubic metres of air is lost out of a chimney per hour. The best way to draught-proof your chimney is with one of our removable chimney draught excluders, a Chimney Sheep®.

Your house may have lots of other draught sources too, so how do you deal with those? Well, you can track down all those pesky draughts with a Smoke Pencil. The most common though are windows and doors which can be easily fixed. Take a look at some of our other draught-proofing measures like our keyhole covers and door draught excluders which will ensure you keep your warm air in your home where it belongs. To read more about how to draught-proof your home, have a read of this.

21 reviews for Letterbox Draught Excluder with Flap – Chrome Effect

  1. Kevin Clough

    Perfect , just what I needed

    Used it for front door

  2. Irene Avila


    I always had the entrance chilly because the old letterbox wasn’t good. After installing this one I couldn’t believe how good it is. Easy to install.

  3. Rolojones

    Does the job perfectly!

    Exactly as wanted, really easy to attach/set up

  4. J. C. Jackson

    Does what it says

    Looks good, chrome is more shiny than in the pictures. Easy to install and good value conpared to others I looked at


    Stops the draught

    Really pleased with this, does the job and stops the draught, however, ordered a second to fit on the outside of the door and it came with 2 screws instead of 4 so had to find 2 to fit it.

  6. AliMH

    An excellent letterbox and it has stopped the draft making the ...

    An excellent letterbox and it has stopped the draft making the inside flap bang loudly so it looks good and has done exactly what I needed it to do.

  7. Martin Callow

    Five Stars

    Very easy to fit

  8. Muna S.

    Great sturdy letter box.

    Really good product and very sturdy. Only issue is that there are 6 holes for the nails but only 2 nails provided. I had to use the nails from my old letterbox. All in all a great product and took me 5 mins to drill in.

  9. iskander akber syid

    Solid letter box brush cover

    Very good, value for money letter box brush cover. Very pleased with it.

  10. thunk

    Does its job

    Seems good for the price.

  11. Bill Benson

    Five Stars

    Excellent buy, would recommend, really looks very good indeed.

  12. Johnybiking

    Excellent Product from Stormguard

    Letter Box draught excluder was delivered quickly and arrived in perfect condition. The product itself is well made, even though the listing gives the impression of aluminium construction, this is ONLY the flap, the framework around is of a strong plastic construction in a grey/silver colour – once place it looks fine. Excluder was very simple to install, I was replacing a damaged one, so I was able to simply screw this in place using existing holes in rear of my door. The brush bars can ‘restrict’ mail being pushed through – I remedied this by simply removing the brush bars and using a sharp scalpel, took around 5mm from both the top and bottom brush bars. This will not effect the ‘draught’ exclusion, as the flap itself also has a strip of draught excluder along the inside bottom. The removal of a small amount of bristle, was great – I was able to push flimsy envelopes through the box with ease. The brush bars can easily be removed completely if you desire, then there will be no restriction at all. It certainly looks good quality and makes the inside of my door look neat again. Would recommend this product.

  13. Constantin m.


    very good looking , sturdy , overall really good quality

  14. Tatta

    Letter box brush cover

    Almost like sending the post through a shredder.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Just the right size for the door

  16. Helen H.

    Five Stars

    looks very nice. Spring on the cover in strong

  17. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    very good product

  18. Carl B.

    Good interior letter box with a small niggle

    Very good interior letter box, you can tell it’s good quality that has been well made (apart from the top brush but keep reading). Keeps out draughts perfectly and also looks nice unlike the cheap plastic type ones…however when I came to install this I noticed the bolt holes for my external letter box lined up in the exact same position as the interior holes for the letter box causing a bit of modification, also as others have stated on here the top brush sometimes comes out when the post is delivered causing you to put it back in place, sorted with a bit of super glue not a major problem but still annoying (hence 4 stars)…apart from that very pleased with my purchase.

  19. K Samples

    Not right for us

    This didn’t quite meet our needs, but that was our fault and nothing to do with the actual product. It was delivered in good time and was as described.

  20. Littlelou221


    Perfect for this time of year. It keeps the cold out and stops all the drafts. Postman has a bit of difficulty getting the letters through, but other than that its great

  21. C. Cummings

    Cuts out draughts completely

    This is brilliant at keeping out the gale which used to come through the letter box straight into our living room. It looks very smart too and goes well with the chrome door furniture, the only down side is that the brushes are a bit stiff and the postman has to push to get the letters through.

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