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Multi species nest box

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Multi species nest box

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This versatile multi-species nest box has a front panel that can be removed so it can be adapted to be either open fronted or classic design with a smaller hole for small birds to access. The open-fronted design is suitable for robins, blackbirds, flycatchers and wagtails. With the panel-and-hole fitted it is suitable for tits, sparrows, nuthatch, redstart and flycatcher. This sturdily-built box is made in the UK from sustainably sourced European Redwood.

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Do different species prefer different apertures of access hole?

Yes they do. This one has a 30mm diameter hole so it’s a versatile size that will suit a wide variety of birds. However if you want to target specific species then it’s possible to alter this. BTO has detailed information about how to make nest boxes suitable for a wide range of our native species. A 25mm hole will be suitable for blue tits, coal tits and marsh tits. They will use boxes with larger holes but there’s a risk they’ll be pushed out by larger, more dominant birds. If you want to adapt your box to be suitable for these species, you can use the detachable front panel as a template and cut a section of wood to the same dimensions, then bore a smaller hole.

Great tits and tree sparrows select nest box openings that are 28mm or greater. According to the BTO house sparrow and nuthatch select boxes with holes 32mm or greater. They know what they are talking about, they’ve been around since 1932. Some birders state that nuthatches and sparrows will go through the 30mm hole but if you want to be sure of making it suitable for these species then you can enlarge the hole a little.

Does it matter about the shape of the open-fronted nest box?

The main thing is the size of the opening. If you are sure you want to attract robins, blackbirds, wrens and wagtails then select the open fronted bird box. However if you want to have the option of open or closed, then this style is ideal, especially if you are buying it for someone else. Have a look at our gifty things as we sell this style with bags of wool to make it into a nice nature present.

5 reviews for Multi species nest box

  1. G

    It already has new occupants

    Put this up and within a few days it had a nesting pair of Blue tits. So pleased with the box it does the job.

  2. Sharon C.

    Solid and sturdy.

    A sturdy nest box that you can get access to.

  3. steph

    Nice bird boxes

    Just add some felt on top to make them last longer. Birds should love them

  4. book reviewer

    Good solid bird box.

    Well made and solid bird box. Very clever design to allow use as closed front for sparrows and tits or open front for robins. Could have paid double the price for a bird box not half as good.
    Looking forward to seeing birds take up residence.
    (Note: supplier despatched same day but let down by Royal Mail who took ten days to deliver on 48 hour tracked delivery)

  5. Mary

    A perfect Nesting Box

    This nesting box is beautifully made.

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