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Organic Cotton Door Draught Excluder

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Organic Cotton Door Draught Excluder

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Our organic cotton door draught excluder will keep door draughts at bay. Designed to fit most door frames, this excluder is slightly bigger than your usual door draught excluder, acting as a reliable barrier between the cold draughts outside (sneaking their way through the gap in the bottom of your door) and your living spaces.

Made at our factory in Cumbria, we have used organic cotton for the cover and washed Herdwick wool from the Lake District as the filling – a cosy addition to any room!

Dimensions: 90cm x 30cm x 15cm

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How does a door draught excluder work?

A door draught excluder works to stop draughts from entering indoors through the gap at the bottom of the door. In a lot of houses, particularly older ones, door draughts are an ongoing issue. Even in a new home, you might have removed a carpet to reveal a wooden floor but there is now a gap between the door and the floor. That gap may seem small, but it lets in a steady stream of cold air into your home. The result? A room that feels cold and a heating system that must work a lot harder to maintain a warm home (and yes, that does mean higher heating bills). Not what you want in the middle of winter!

To stop any draughts, the solution is to fill the gap. And this is exactly what our door draught-proofing cushion does! By sitting at the bottom of a door it is a really simple and cost-effective solution to a draughty door.

Our door draught excluders are filled with Herdwick wool that we buy for a range of chimney draught excluders. Our 100cm x 30cm door draught excluder cushions are not only larger than standard door draught stoppers but are also more robust. The weighted design allows the cushions to stay firmly in place, making them an efficient draught excluder. And they look great!

Investing in a Chimney Sheep door draught excluder has been compared to sand-bagging your door against the cold – and we think that this is the perfect way to describe it!


What is this door draught excluder made of?

The outer covers of our door draught excluders are made using organic cotton. As you’ll see, we have them in a beautiful dark blue for the colour lovers amongst you and a more neutral oatmeal colour which will suit most home décor styles.

The filling is made using Herdwick wool directly from farms in the Lake District. Specifically, we get wool from the Lorton Valley, Buttermere, Ennerdale and Eskdale. You can read more about how we source our wool here.


Why is using organic cotton good for the environment?

The purpose of organic cotton farming is to eliminate highly toxic substances (like toxic hazardous pesticides) from the growing process which benefits both people and the planet. This process is natural.

To do this, farmers go back to the ‘old fashioned’ way of doing things by using natural systems and cycles to help grow crops. This includes crop rotation, green manures, no-till methods and composting. All of this makes the soil healthy which leads to better crop harvests without the need for harsh and potentially harmful chemicals.

Non-organic cotton farming relies on synthetic chemicals to grow such as nitrogen fertilisers and artificial pesticides, many of which are fossil-fuel based (and we all know what they do to the environment…). Removing these chemical inputs not only reduces the use of fossil fuels but also means that biodiversity can improve. This results in more bugs, bees, birds and worms! Any pest control that is used is completely natural and is only permitted under very restricted circumstances.

You can read more about organic cotton here.


What are the benefits of using wool in this door draught excluder?

We use wool as the filling to our door draught excluders.

Wool is a natural product. Sheep spend their lives grazing and growing wool. This is clipped in the summer when it’s hot (yes, it even gets hot in the Lake District in July!) for their welfare. Then it all grows back in time to keep them warm in the winter as it is a natural insulator. This makes it the perfect material to keep our homes warm!

It also has remarkable properties that enable it to absorb high volatile compounds (VOC’s) such as formaldehyde. Studies have shown that VOC’s bind permanently to the wool fibre, so they absorb it and never release it. Wool has been used to clean up environments where there are high levels of VOC’s. Having wool around your home will make it a cleaner, healthier and better environment to live in.


What other ways can I draught-proof my home?

Draught-proofing your home will make your home more energy-efficient which will reduce your gas bills (or electricity bills depending on your heating system!) and make your home a little bit greener.

If you have an open chimney, we always suggest starting there! An open chimney is often the biggest source of heat loss, actively sucking warm air out of your home. To stop this, you’ll need to use a chimney blocker of some sort which will stop that lovely warm air from escaping. This can be done with something like our fantastic Chimney Sheep® draught excluders. We don’t recommend chimney pillows or duvets to block your chimney as they don’t work particularly well and can cause damp issues!

Some draughts aren’t quite as obvious as a giant chimney and they can often be quite hard to detect with the naked eye. Something like our Smoke Pencil will help you to detect draughts. Depending on what draughts you find, will depend on what measures you need to take to draught-proof your home. Doors, random wall gaps, windows, keyholes, letterboxes are all common draughty areas. To fix these, you can look at our range of draught-excluders which include our wool door and window tape, wool gap filler, keyhole covers and more!

1 review for Organic Cotton Door Draught Excluder

  1. Caroline King

    Beautifully made, looks great

    A simple, natural way to block under-door drafts. Well made. It’s very simple, and mine is in the natural colour, so it could almost look like a mini-sack lying on the floor. But I like minimal and natural, so it works for me.

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