Insulated Outside Tap Cover


The insulated outside tap cover is designed to protect garden taps from ice and frost damage. Easy to fit, easy to remove!

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Frozen taps outside can lead to very expensive damage, particularly if your pipes become frozen as well. Why? Because when water freezes, pressure is created between the frozen tap and the blockage in the pipe, which could then build up to the point that the pipe bursts. However, the good news is that prevention is easy!

Chimney Sheep therefore recommend that during the cold winter months, you always take the necessary steps to prevent frozen taps. This can be done by investing in an incredibly cost-effective, outdoor tap insulation, which protects garden taps from frost and ice, even when temperatures become extreme.

Why should I use outside tap insulation covers?

Made from a hard plastic shell, lined with polystyrene, the outside tap cover, is designed to slot over most new and existing outdoor tap systems. The outdoor tap cover forms an insulating barrier around your taps, to prevent the tap coming into contact with cold temperatures.

Unlike other outdoor tap covers, the Outside Insulated Tap Cover therefore eliminates the need for you to cover your taps with bubble wrap and its easy removal, means that your garden tap also remains accessible.

  • Effective outdoor tap insulation & garden tap cover
  • Ice & frost protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick & easy to fit
  • Made by Stormguard

How do I use insulated outdoor tap protectors?

Very simple! There’s a loop, which acts as a hook, on the end of the cord. Firstly unfold the hook and straighten the toggle, before positioning the hook around the neck of your outside tap or handle. Now, holding the toggle, push your outside tap protector against the wall and tighten the toggle to ensure that the insulated outdoor tap protector has got a firm grip.

Made by Stormguard, the insulated outside cover measures 16 x 15.4 x 11cm. To avoid disappointment, please check that these measurements will comfortably fit around your outdoor tap, before purchasing.