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Insulated Outside Tap Cover

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Insulated Outside Tap Cover

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The insulated outside tap cover is designed to protect garden taps from ice and frost damage. Easy to fit, easy to remove!

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Frozen taps outside can lead to very expensive damage, particularly if your pipes become frozen as well. Why? Because when water freezes, pressure is created between the frozen tap and the blockage in the pipe, which could then build up to the point that the pipe bursts. However, the good news is that prevention is easy!

Chimney Sheep therefore recommend that during the cold winter months, you always take the necessary steps to prevent frozen taps. This can be done by investing in an incredibly cost-effective, outdoor tap insulation, which protects garden taps from frost and ice, even when temperatures become extreme.

Why should I use outside tap insulation covers?

Made from a hard plastic shell, lined with polystyrene, the outside tap cover, is designed to slot over most new and existing outdoor tap systems. The outdoor tap cover forms an insulating barrier around your taps, to prevent the tap coming into contact with cold temperatures.

Unlike other outdoor tap covers, the Outside Insulated Tap Cover therefore eliminates the need for you to cover your taps with bubble wrap and its easy removal, means that your garden tap also remains accessible.

  • Effective outdoor tap insulation & garden tap cover
  • Ice & frost protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick & easy to fit
  • Made by Stormguard

How do I use insulated outdoor tap protectors?

Very simple! There’s a loop, which acts as a hook, on the end of the cord. Firstly unfold the hook and straighten the toggle, before positioning the hook around the neck of your outside tap or handle. Now, holding the toggle, push your outside tap protector against the wall and tighten the toggle to ensure that the insulated outdoor tap protector has got a firm grip.

Made by Stormguard, the insulated outside cover measures 16 x 15.4 x 11cm. To avoid disappointment, please check that these measurements will comfortably fit around your outdoor tap, before purchasing.

27 reviews for Insulated Outside Tap Cover

  1. AK

    Been able to insulate outside tap now.

    Been meaning to get one for a while now, in time for the winter weather. Easy to use and I am sure the tap will well insulated and protected. Well made.

  2. Wilbur Force

    Greart frost protection for an outside tap

    Much better than the multi piece solutions supplied by most builders merchats / plumbing suppliers . We were constantly losing vital pieces that blew away as they had to be removed to operate tap. You have to this one but it can stay anchored to the tap

  3. Zoe

    the tap didnt freeze over winter so it works.

    The plastic/rubbery tie that goes over the tap and holds it in place is starting to perish but so far its held well and done its job.

    Very easy to use though and worked well.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Tap survived the cold spell.

    So far so good. Outside tap survived the recent cold weather in Scotland.

    Only negative is I have to remove the screw-in hose adapter before fitting the Storm Guard over the tap.

  5. Pinenut


    This is good and study unlike the 1st I purchased.
    Beware of cheap imitations

  6. JKN

    Seems to work well

    Easy to fit and seems to work well. A normal size tap but found it fitted only on the diagonal but that looks ok.

  7. DissentingWorm

    Really good

    I’ve had a few of these. Great at protecting my outside tap from the ravages of winter.

  8. JD Ch-le-St


    Excellent product, bought for a friends outside tap that faced north. The only modification I had to make was a slight groove to cater for the incoming pipe, if the tap had the pipe directly behind, it would have been a perfect fit. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product for quality or ease of use.

  9. John

    A useful insulator for small modern taps but .......

    This is a very useful item for protecting modern outside taps but is too small to fit over larger and older-style taps. For the smaller tap there is sufficient space to add extra fibre insulation should it be needed.

  10. stuart wilcock

    Outside tap cover

    Cover has so far kept my outside tap from freezing. It is easy enough to fit and remove. Only problem I have found that it doesn’t fit flush to the wall as the tap is slightly to long.

  11. L. J P

    Frost free

    Good hard wearing frost protection for outside tap

  12. Amazon Customer

    Outside tap covers

    Love the fact that it fits snug to the tap
    Bought 2 one each fir y son and myself
    Best thing ever

  13. VPapachR

    Perfect protection!

    Perfect fit, fully protection. Easy to use and vakue for money! A must have!

    Insulated Outside Tap Cover
  14. Rita Gowers

    Should have given more thought.

    Nothing wrong with the item, however, had to give it away as far too small for my tap/pipe. Pipe comes up from the ground and hits the tap at the wrong angle to take this kind of frost protector. Should have thought of that. Shame.

  15. Lewis W.

    Does the job - cheap and effective

    Easy to fit with a handy loop to put over the handle of the tap. Seems to do the job, although warm weather has meant a lack of hard frosts to find out. Fits well over a standard single tap but not much additional room (e.g. had to remove the screw on hose lock adapter). However, cheap and effective

  16. Anthony Alltoft

    Covers the Tap

    A previously bought product that looked good did not completely cover the tap AND the pipe coming out of the wall. This product does and with ease of application / use.

  17. P of Merseyside

    Simple but effective

    I had a lockable cover over my outside tap and it annoyed the hell out of me, it was a pain to keep having to use a key and it was a little restrictive when it came to attaching and detaching the hose. To be honest I don’t think that I had any real issues with criminal water thieves. The only real need was for protection against the cold so I got rid of that and got this. What a simple but effective device. It’s really easy to use and it does protect the tap from the cold . Really glad I changed to this, shame I had wasted all the money on the locking device.

  18. John Wilson

    Knew it would be difficult to fit the tap

    Fits my outside tap, just, with a lot of wiggling to get into the correct position, but I knew it might. So easy to use, but also as easy to forget to replace. (Maybe that’s an age thing. ;-) Not really tested it in the real world yet. Had a couple of frosts, but I would like to test it over a prolonged cold snap! I do secure on the tap handle rather that the tap, and I don’t suppose that matters if you get a good fit.

  19. bushbaby

    Sems good

    Only just fitted this cover so I can’t guarantee its effectiveness, but it was a good large robust cover that fitted easily and was big enough to go over the extra piece of pipework above the tap. I read that other covers were easily punctured, it doesn’t seem like that would be a problem with this one.

  20. A.Ward

    They look neat, but too tight/small

    I’d not seen this type of cover before and was getting fed up with the conventional covers available. Ordered 2 of them.

    These tap covers look neat and are easy to fit, but you may have to have it at an angle over the tap.

    I have two taps and both were a little ‘big’ to accept the covers on the straight, which was a shame. Winter is coming, so we’ll see how they fare!! However, I have stopped using one of them, sadly, for the tap outside, as part of the pipework was left uncovered. The rating merely reflects our finding on their use. If they fit right over your tap then fine.

  21. Bob

    Easy To Fit & Practicable

    What’s not to like about a Tommy Cooper fez, that fit’s perfectly over your outside tap. It has a polystyrene inner lining & a sponge buffer that rests on the wall. All you do is attach the loop to the tap & pull it tight to ensure a firm fit. Including some pipe protruding down from the wall, the total height of my tap is 125mm. I was concerned beforehand that it might go fully over, but those concerns were unfounded. It is a lovely fit. Well pleased.

  22. Amazon Customer

    fits well

    Very easy to use and seems to fit well despite uneven surface behind tap

  23. Columbine

    Perfect Cover

    I liked the cover, prior to fitting I walked into the tap several times and bruised my arm. Now the tap is cosily inside the cover and not a hazard to clumsy people !!

  24. Amazon Customer

    Just the job

    It could be larger! tight squeeze over the tap

  25. J. M. Portlock

    Great way to protect outside taps

    This a great way to protect outside taps
    The foam allows a tight fit to brickwork
    1 minute job to fit it.
    What price burst or frozen pipes ….

  26. Sally C

    Very good value for money & purpose

    Excellent product, perfect for insulating outside garden/field taps. Very easy to use & long lasting. This is the third time I have purchased this product. The first time from this Supplier have gave excellent customer service.

  27. George Wilton


    Bought one and the another.

    Much more robust than the fragile PVC foam type.

    Works a treat and can be cut underneath to give a slot through which a hose can pass.

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