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Pack of 2 Heavy Duty Recycled Sponge Scourers

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Pack of 2 Heavy Duty Recycled Sponge Scourers


Did you know that tonnes of perfectly good sponge end up in landfill every year? As you know we hate waste at Chimney Sheep, so we were delighted to find these recycled sponge scourers. They are made from the bits that would otherwise go to landfill, and compressed to make heavy duty very effective cleaning scourers.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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These EcoForce  Heavy Duty Recycled Sponge Scourers are super-absorbent and perfect for wiping down surfaces, mopping up spills, and doing the washing up.

The heavy duty design has a tough scourer on one side – perfect for tackling the results of the Sunday roast – and a softer spongy surface that’s ideal for your crockery and glassware.

What makes them more environmentally-friendly?

Every year tonnes of perfectly good foam that’s left over from making “conventional” sponge scourers ends up in landfill. If it ends up in landfill then it usually ends up bobbing about in the oceans. This is the kind of pointless waste that is completely irritating. Easy-Do saw opportunity in this problem, and created a simple and effective solution: make even better sponge scourers out of the waste!

What’s the best way to clean up with them?

They’re really easy to use. Simply wet them and add a squirt of your eco-friendly cleaning product to tackle the toughest dried-on food and drink. Alternatively, soak them in your washing up bowl filled with hot water and soapy suds for an easy way to wipe around your entire kitchen.

What else makes them special?

These are scourers that have been created for you to use again and again. They won’t disintegrate after a few washes like cheaper products. The compressed spongy side is tough and resilient and will bounce back into shape after every use.

Just one little word of warning – these scourers have been designed for the toughest of cleaning jobs so they’re not suitable for use on non-stick surfaces or delicate glassware. If you’re looking for something a little more gentle, try our EcoForce Recycled Quilted Multipurpose Cloths instead. We have other recycled cleaning products too – browse the range here.

If you’re looking for other ways to clean up your act and make your kitchen greener, have a look at these Friends of the Earth tips.






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