Pack of two Recycled Plastic Dish Brush Refills


These Recycled Plastic Dish Brush Refills slot easily on to the handle of our EcoForce brush. Reduce plastic waste by keeping your dish brush going for years!

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EcoForce Recycled Plastic Dish Brush Refills are a great solution for everyone who wants an easy way to clean pots and pans, and wants to help the planet in the process.

They are designed to fit on our EcoForce Recycled Dish Brush handle, replacing its old head once it has worn-out bristles that are past their best. That means you don’t have to buy a whole new brush every time. You can simply order the new EcoForce Recycled Dish Brush Refills whenever you need them. That cuts waste, and saves you money.

What are Ecoforce Recycled plastic dish brush refills made of?

EcoForce Dish Brushes and Refill Heads are made from 80% recycled materials.

And what makes them so good?

The angled design of the EcoForce Recycled Plastic Dish Brush bristles means this gadget is ideal for getting into the corners of your dirty dishes, whether you’re taking on the remnants of the Sunday roast or just clearing up after breakfast. There’s a useful scraper on the end too, for those really tough bits that defy a bit of a scrub.

Are there any other benefits?

Using a dish brush is better for you too as it will do the hard work and help protect your skin and nails from hot water and detergents. Be a little kind to yourself, as well as looking after the planet.

EcoForce Recycled Dish Brush Refills also fit Dishmatic handles so, if you have one of those lurking in the kitchen cupboard, you can give it a new lease of life too.

Can you help me with some more environmentally-friendly cleaning ideas?

If you’re looking for even more eco-friendly cleaning products, take a look at the rest of our range here. Meanwhile, Friends of the Earth has some great store-cupboard cleaning hacks you might like to try.