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Plant A Tree For The Jubilee Kit

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Plant A Tree For The Jubilee Kit


Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in an environmentally friendly, fun way, using this Plant a Tree for the Jubilee Kit, and learn all about some of the UK’s most loved trees. Decorate your own special willow crown and imagine yourself as King or Queen for the day – what would you do as ruler?

This kit includes: Field Maple and Alder Tree seed pellets, children’s trowel, tree leaf and seed identification cards, coir pots, a handy guide and a willow crown.

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Can you tell me a bit more about each of the products in the Plant A Tree For The Jubilee Kit?

We LOVE trees here at Chimney Sheep – they’re a part of who we are. We set up the Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, in 2019. 20% of the profits made at Chimney Sheep go towards Buy Land Plant Trees where we, quite literally, buy (agriculturally useless) land and plant trees! You can read more about that here.

This Plant a Tree for the Jubilee Kit comes in a drawstring bag, made from natural jute hessian. It’s the perfect size to keep everything else in your kit safe. Included in the bag are:

  • Willow crown – a beautifully woven, willow crown made in Shropshire. We would suggest decorating your crown with leaves, flowers or even feathers to make it really stand out – what kind of King or Queen would you be?
  • Children’s trowel – this trowel is made with an ash wood handle, shaped for a comfortable grip. The head is made from high quality, stainless steel, and it’s all just a bit smaller than an adult’s trowel, so it won’t be too big and heavy to use.
  • Tree leaf and seed identification cards – each of the nine tree leaf and seed identification cards has been beautifully illustrated and also includes facts about the leaves or seeds. Can you find any of the leaves shown?
  • Field Maple and Alder tree seed pellets – coming in a recyclable pillow box, we have five pellets all containing Field Maple and Alder tree seeds. They’re protected by a mix of clay and soil, and are the perfect size to get planted in your coir pots.
  • Coir pots – Five coir pots ready for you to plant your tree seed pellets, they’re the perfect size for the first stage of growing your trees, inside a greenhouse or on your windowsill. Once they’re strong enough, the coir pots can be planted in the ground as they will fully biodegrade, allowing your tree to grow big and strong!
  • Guide – A useful guide packed full of information, such as how to plant your tree seeds and fascinating information all about crowns.

Who would this be appropriate for?

The Plant a Tree for the Jubilee Kit would be appropriate for children aged 6 years and over, and is a fun, educational and environmentally friendly way to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Why is it important to get children to play outdoors?

Here at Chimney Sheep, we see the value in nature play! Being outdoors is great for our mental and physical growth, education, and understanding of the world and our place in it. We want to make playing outside fun and interesting by doing something a little different.  Our range of kits will provide an activity for all interests. Whether your child is arty or sporty, into bugs or flowers, we’ll have a kit for them. Providing children with all they need to play and learn, leaving an enduring connection with nature and all it holds!

Research founded by The Wildlife Trust found children’s well-being increased after they had spent time connecting with nature. Children have reported their experience outside made them more confident and capable of doing new things when they tried, learned something new, and formed better relationships with classmates. More benefits of outdoor play can be found here.

Need more ideas on how to keep kids busy in the holidays? Check out our blog full of outdoor summer fun suggestions.


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