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Plastic Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap 300mm

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Plastic Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap 300mm

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A Chimney Cap is a simple way of preventing warm air from escaping up your disused chimney. By closing off a chimney pot, the effects of downdraught are combatted and heat loss is minimised. Paired with an insulating chimney draught excluder at the bottom of your chimney, the two devices will not only work together to keep your home warm, they could save you hundreds of pounds on energy bills too.

This chimney cap fits chimneys with an external diameter of up to 280mm.

Outside diameter of chimney cap: 300mm


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Mouled from recyclable ABS thermoplastic, the Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap (300mm) will fit the majority of round chimney pots in good condition. It’s held securely in place by two spring wires to provide 100% protection. Aerodynamically designed and tested, other benefits of this chimney cowl include:

  • Easy to fit
  • Water resistance
  • Robust design
  • Acts as a chimney birdguard – protecting from nesting birds and other creatures
  • Minimises heat loss
  • Supplied with an integral insect screen to provide additional protection against swarming bees and nesting wasps.

So why do I need a Chimney Sheep too?

As this chimney cap will still allow some air to seep through for ventilation purposes, it’s worth having a Chimney Sheep at the bottom of your chimney. This way, you can guarantee that cold draughts are truly abolished and your home is kept snug and warm.

And remember, not only are you stopping cold draughts from entering your home, the Chimney Cap and Draught Excluder combination will also reduce noise and debris.

How does a chimney cap work?

A chimney cap is held in place by galvanised steel spring wires. It works by slotting over the opening of any chimney pot up to 11” external diameter. The smart ventilated design will still permit constant ventilation of the chimney in order to avoid damp issues.

Please enquire with your local chimney sweep or other contractor with the necessary roofing qualifications about installing a chimney cap.

24 reviews for Plastic Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap 300mm

  1. Dave

    2 years on, all good

    Purchased these after doing a lot of research. They really are very simple but effective. Had a builder slot 4 on my chimneys in a matter of minutes. Only 4 stars as it’s quite expensive for what is essentially a heavy duty plastic plate.

  2. lulung

    Easy to install

    My partner installed it very easily. It’s great, it protects from excessive rain falling into pot but still allows ventilation which has helped sort out damp issue on the chimney breast internally. Delivery was very fast and I found it to be fairly priced.

  3. Cintycom

    Very useful

    Great item, had a damp patch on my chimney breast for years coming and going when it would rain heavily. Got my roofer to pop these on to the chimney pots and now the damp patch has gone. We have had some heavy showers over the last few months so it has been a good test to see if these work. I am really pleased with them.


    Seems to do the job

    We bought this to cover a chimney of a fireplace we have since removed and plastered over. I don’t know much about building trade but was told that we needed to cover the chimney but still allow some airflow into it to prevent any damp problems etc. This product does the job nicely and was easily installed via spring loaded ‘legs’. The only reason I’ve removed 2 stars is that its been up less than a year and I’ve already had to get the ladder out to put it back in place after a particularly stormy night blew it completely off. It did however i pleased to say survive the fall from the roof of our bungalow onto the concrete yard. Hopefully it stays up for a bit longer this time….

  5. Bob

    An excellent solution to capping off a chimney

    The perfect solution to capping off my disused chimney pot. I bought this over 2 years ago and its withstood some tremendous gales and rain and didn’t move at all. The insect guard kept out wasps and flies perfectly. Last week I was back up on the roof to do a little repointing of ridge tiles and I gave this cap a thorough check and its still in perfect condition. I even took it off and replaced it to check on the fixings and they haven’t corroded at all. I highly recommend this product.

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