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Plastic Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap 300mm

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Plastic Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap 300mm

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A Chimney Cap is a simple way of preventing warm air from escaping up your disused chimney. By closing off a chimney pot, the effects of downdraught are combatted and heat loss is minimised. Paired with an insulating chimney draught excluder at the bottom of your chimney, the two devices will not only work together to keep your home warm, they could save you hundreds of pounds on energy bills too.

This chimney cap fits chimneys with an external diameter of up to 280mm.

Outside diameter of chimney cap: 300mm


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Mouled from recyclable ABS thermoplastic, the Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap (300mm) will fit the majority of round chimney pots in good condition. It’s held securely in place by two spring wires to provide 100% protection. Aerodynamically designed and tested, other benefits of this chimney cowl include:

  • Easy to fit
  • Water resistance
  • Robust design
  • Acts as a chimney birdguard – protecting from nesting birds and other creatures
  • Minimises heat loss
  • Supplied with an integral insect screen to provide additional protection against swarming bees and nesting wasps.

So why do I need a Chimney Sheep too?

As this chimney cap will still allow some air to seep through for ventilation purposes, it’s worth having a Chimney Sheep at the bottom of your chimney. This way, you can guarantee that cold draughts are truly abolished and your home is kept snug and warm.

And remember, not only are you stopping cold draughts from entering your home, the Chimney Cap and Draught Excluder combination will also reduce noise and debris.

How does a chimney cap work?

A chimney cap is held in place by galvanised steel spring wires. It works by slotting over the opening of any chimney pot up to 11” external diameter. The smart ventilated design will still permit constant ventilation of the chimney in order to avoid damp issues.

Please enquire with your local chimney sweep or other contractor with the necessary roofing qualifications about installing a chimney cap.

24 reviews for Plastic Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap 300mm

  1. Trusted One

    The best Invention for redundant Chineys by a mile.

    What a great invention for closing off redundant chimney pots.
    Prior to buying the C -Cap, I had tried many other cowls for my redundant chimney which in one way or another failed or leaked causing problems inside my house.
    The C-Cap saved my bacon (and my ceiling). It arrived quickly and required a few simple screws (included) to assemble, which took only a few minutes. The inner wires were very strong and fitted very snugly into my chimney, allowing a small weatherproof air gap for ventilation.
    We have since suffered several Winter storms with gale force winds but my trusty C Cap has remained strong and solid but more importantly, it has kept my new ceiling beneath dry and sound making this product a superb investment.

    Being constructed of strong ABS like plastic, there is also no longer the risk of a falling chimney cowl as once fixed in place, this cowl is staying put. Perfect!

  2. Joe

    Solved our damp problem

    Easy to pop in (after braving the roof) why the description does not state sizes I don’t know-seller would sell more surely? This is suitable for up to 30cm chimney pots. We kept having rain cone down/smelly and this has solved it-just airing out nicely now.
    Would throughly recommend.

  3. Caz

    Chimney c cap terracotta.

    We had a wet patch on our bedroom wall and we couldn’t see any obvious reason for this as the brickwork etc appeared sound so we thought perhaps the water was running down the chimney and finding it’s way into the wall, so we ordered the cap for the chimney. Getting to the chimney was awkward as above a conservatory so we ordered a cherry picker. My husband went up and it just slotted onto place. Turned out the problem was the chimney and wall has dried out. Also the cover is still Insitu after several very windy days (we live near the coast) good quality product very happy customer.

  4. mangojooze

    Does the job well and offers a cheap solution

    These fitted my 8 to 9 inch chimneys really well. The builder said that once in place the springs fitted with enough force to probably to break a cracked chimney so I can’t see these being dislodged even in the highest of winds. Good product and a cheap way to seal a disused chimney. Once fitted it leaves a gap to let the chimney breath and this gap has an integral insect screen to stop any bugs taking up home.

    Plastic Terracotta Coloured Chimney Cap 300mm
  5. Rob

    Easy to fit, looks like part of chimney

    This was used to prevent rainwater entering a disused chimney whilst maintaining sufficient ventilation to avoid accumulation of damp.
    A little self assembly is necessary to attach the vent grille and secure 2 spring clips to the cap with the provided screws and washers. Installation into the pot doesn’t require tools and was a simple two handed job, guiding the metal clips into the pot and pushing the cap down. (ladder stability needed, my stomach against the stack acted as a third point of contact)!

    The only subtle let-down, dropping the review to 4 stars is the sturdiness of the interior insect grille, it’s outer ring is very light in construction, with some small alignment lugs which fit against the inside of the cap, it’s overall diameter was a little too large, so the lugs squeezed in and cracked the outer ring, these didn’t affect strength or effectiveness and I was happy to continue installing the cap.

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