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Plastic-Free Frisbee

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Plastic-Free Frisbee


Our plastic-free flyer is made from a non-toxic, food-grade silicone. It’s lightweight and bendable; great for popping in a rucksack as you head out the door!

The flyer can be folded, bent and squashed without losing it’s shape. It’s malleable design gives the flyer a super long and sustainable life. It’s easily cleaned and tough enough for plenty of crash landings to withstand hours of fun!

Rather than a solid plastic flyer which is both bad for the environment and harsh on our hands, this soft, lightweight silicone material makes it perfect for teaching children to learn to catch and throw.

Available in 6 colours; eggshell green, lavender purple, meadow green, ocean blue, honey yellow and cherry red.

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Tell me more about the silicone material

This plastic-free frisbee is a non-toxic, food-grade silicone is made from naturally sourced quartz sand. Silicone is strong, it won’t break in a few uses or when handled roughly. It can be folded, flexed, and bounced back without losing its shape. The malleable design gives the product a super long and sustainable life span.

Most outdoor frisbees are made of hard plastic, which easily breaks or chips when dropped and thrown about. Silicone will not chip or break therefore creating a durable product saving the waste and cost of repetitively buying toys.

When you eventually find no use for the toy you can re-purpose this material into silicone oil through TerraCycle, a UK-based company. Silicone oil is used in the manufacturing process most often for cars and refrigerators. This makes use of your waste and saves sourcing oil from a natural source, depleting our natural resources further.

Have you got more silicone toys?

Yes, we do! This silicone material is also used in our bucket and spade collection designed to create plastic-free options to take to the beach, use in the garden, or go wherever you may be with your little one. Buckets are often so large and awkward to carry, with silicone just fold them up and pop them in your bag – it’s that convenient!

The silicone toys form part of our ‘Go Outside’ range, which is full of more alternative or recycled plastic options. You can find them here.

Why is it important to use plastic-free products?

As we are probably all aware, plastics require an awful lot of energy to create, aren’t easy to dispose of, and are generally not great for the environment. Most of us now dutifully recycle most of our plastic waste; one way to ‘close the loop‘, is to create demand for fully recycled plastic. Another way is to reduce demand for plastic, so we created a plastic-free environmentally-friendly ‘Go Outside’ play range.

Silicone is a soft and eco-friendly alternative to plastic that can be folded, flexed, and bounced back without losing its shape. The durability of this material and its re-purpose quality gives the product a smaller environmental impact, compared to plastic products.

Why have you created the silicone outdoor range?

Chimney Sheep HQ is based just on the edge of the Lake District. That means we are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors rather a lot and we love it! Lots of our colleagues love walking, camping, picnicking, and exploring. We’ve created our Community Interest Company Buy Land Plant Trees to further commit to preserving nature in this beautiful location. How can you not when we live in such a beautiful part of the world?!

It has made us realise that there aren’t many durable plastic-free soft toy alternatives to use when enjoying the outdoors.

We want to encourage children to play outside and reconnect with nature. Our plastic-free flyer is a great way for children and adults to go outside and play on the local green, at the beach, or whilst out on a walk to make it that more fun! Need more ideas on how to keep the kids busy over the holidays? Check out our blog full of outdoor summer fun suggestions.


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