Premium wooden door brush seal


A premium range of customisable door brush seals by Stormguard that are designed to eliminate draughts from homes and industrial settings. Ideal for hinged or sliding doors. This solid wood door draught stopper from Stormguard can be stained or painted to any colour to match your door. Sealing gaps up to 15mm under the door, it is 860mm long and can be cut to fit.

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Did you know that by taking effective draught proofing measures, which includes installing a door brush seal, you could be saving up to £50 per year in bills? Older buildings are much more susceptible to draughts but new homes can also suffer from the problem – making wooden door brush seals a product which shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet.

To combat draught issues, this range of wooden door brush seals by Stormguard is not only designed to reduce draughts, but also to limit dust and noise levels. They can be customised to fit the exact width of your doors and will act as a draught blocker when cold air is drawn into a room. A door brush seal can also be used to eliminate stable doors draughts if air is leaking through the middle gap.

How do I fit a premium wooden door brush seal?

With Stormguard’s range of door brush seals, DIY draught proofing has never been easier. The door brush seals are designed to fit perfectly onto the outer edges of your door, covering gaps of between 15mm and 25mm. The polypropylene brush bristles are not overly stiff or thick so that they do not impede your door’s ease of movement.

To install your premium door brush seal, simply follow these steps:

  • Cut the the excluder to fit the width of your door.
  • Position the excluder so that it makes good contact with the floor.
  • Mark fixing points through pre drilled fixing holes in excluder.
  • Attach the brush strip to the top or base of your door so that it blocks the air path.
  • Drill pilot fixing holes through marks on door and loosely screw the excluder in place.
  • Open and close the door to ensure it creates a good seal.
  • Adjust height if required before screwing the excluder in place at all fixing points using a handheld screwdriver or drill/driver.

Door brush seals can be used over carpets but should only be placed on internal doors or the inner side of external doors if they are to work at their most efficient.