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Radiator Airer for almost-but-not-quite dry laundry

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Radiator Airer for almost-but-not-quite dry laundry


If you use your Laundry Mac™ to dry your laundry outside, in most circumstances it will get it nice and dry. If the humidity in the air is very high, or like me you don’t get the laundry in until you get back from work in the dark, it will be a little bit damp. If you’re a clever folder this is a good thing because it means less ironing. Simply fold it very precisely and pop it in the airing cupboard. Oh, wait a minute – the airing cupboard’s gone because you’ve got a nice efficient condensing boiler! No problem. Simply fold it up and leave it on the radiator airer until it’s bone dry and the creases have settled into place.

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The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed this radiator airer  is in fact a radiator cat bed. We thought about re-branding it but we like versatile products that can do two jobs (though probably not at the same time!). This works if there’s just a little residual dampness in the clothes (please don’t use it if they’re actually still wet to feel).

Dry your laundry outdoors whatever the weather using a Laundry Mac™, and when it’s time to bring it in, if it feels like some items are still a little bit damp, then finish them off using the radiator airer.

Simply fold  well and stack them up on the radiator airer. Leave for a day and your laundry should be nice and dry and ready to be put away.

If like me you are an unenthusiastic ironer then you should find that having it compressed and well folded will smooth it out quite nicely. For those items that just have to be ironed, then I totally recommend an ironing press. If you’ve got everything well folded already, then sheets, pillow cases, and all sorts really can be put in as folded and steam ironed with the press. I wouldn’t say it makes ironing fun, but it can be quite satisfying.

This radiator airer that’s also a cat bed fits most radiators. It comes with a fleece “hammock” which slots over the bars of the frame then you just hook it over the radiator. It’s easily collapsible and can be folded up and put away while it’s not needed.

I find that in the summer months when the heating isn’t on the laundry gets dry enough outside under the Laundry Mac™, even on rainy days.



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