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Recycled Cotton String Bag

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Recycled Cotton String Bag

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How many reusable bags do you need in your life? The answer? Well, how long is a piece of string?! You can never have too many.

This cornflower blue, cotton string bag is the reusable bag of all reusable bags, made using recycled cotton and coloured using azo-free dyes. It is a sustainable alternative to a plastic bag for life, helping to reduce your plastic waste and increase your ‘cost per use’. It is surprisingly strong, has got plenty of stretch and can very comfortably carry a basket full of supermarket shopping.

The bag can be scrunched into the side of a cotton hankie so you can live in your pocket, rucksack, handbag, glove compartment without taking up too much space. Why not go all out and get one for all of the above so you never have to use a plastic bag again!

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What can I use this cotton string bag for?

This recycled cotton string bag can be used for all sorts! These string bags are so versatile, lightweight yet can hold up to 18kg. That is easily a basket full of shopping plus a bit more! When you aren’t the string back, it can be folded up into the size of a hankie to put in your pocket or in a handbag.

All the staff at Chimney Sheep now have one and we love them. A lot of us keep them in our car or in our bags so we are ready and prepared to whip them out when needed. Pretty much all of us haven’t needed to use a plastic bag since! Collectively, we have used them for supermarket shopping, as a beach bag/day at the lake bag, overnight stay bag and as a toy bag for the kids when you are out and about. All in all, we’d say this string bag is a life essential.


Why is it important to use reusable bags?

 Well, the biggest reason is that it is better for the environment because you are reducing your plastic consumption. According to a report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Greenpeace a standard, plastic bag for life that you’d find at the supermarket needs to be used at least 11 times to make it more environmentally friendly than using a single-use plastic carrier bag. Are you using yours 11 times? We asked around our office and there weren’t really any of us that could say hand on heart we had used our bags for life 11 times. So, using a reusable bag is a great way of doing your bit for the planet.  This cotton string bag is particularly good for the environment because it is made from recycled cotton so it’s helping the planet from its conception, by using less energy in the production process of the bag. Plus, at the end of its long life it’s compostable. Bags for life, on the other hand, aren’t easily recycled and will most likely go into landfill.

We also do lots of other products made with recycled materials. Check them out here!

Where has this cotton string bag been made?

These cotton string bags are made in a rural factory in south India which aims to provide jobs and income opportunities to local women. The manufacturer signed up to the Ethical Trading Initiative and adheres to the code as a minimum standard, ensuring all working conditions are fair for the workers. The manufacturing processes used are as environmentally friendly as possible, using recycled cotton and dyed with azo-free dyes.

2 reviews for Recycled Cotton String Bag


    Love my string bag

    Have enjoyed using my string bags great price great bag

  2. Jan Mulrenan

    Blue string bag

    Once we had string bags, then plastic ones were around for ages & I feel a little nostalgic to see string ones are back.

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