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Recycled Plastic Dish Brush

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Recycled Plastic Dish Brush


This Recycled Plastic Dish Brush is brilliant for three reasons. It’s made of recycled plastic. The head is replacable so the handle can be re-used again and again. And it does an excellent job of the washing up!


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The strong and sturdy EcoForce Recycled Plastic Dish Brush will help you make short work of all those pots and pans, not to mention the plates, bowls, cups and mugs.

What makes it so efficient?

It’s been designed so the angled bristles help you get into all those awkward corners. Meanwhile the handle has a useful scraper that’s ideal for shifting the most difficult dried-on leftovers from your baking trays and plates.

That robust handle is shaped so it’s easy to grip, it’s long enough to delve into deep jugs and containers, and has a handy loop so you can hang it up to dry. Alternatively, prop it up in your cutlery container on the draining board once you’ve finished the washing up.

Why is it better for the environment?

Made from 89% recycled materials, by using this dish brush, you are reducing the volume of plastic waste that goes into landfill, reducing the amount of plastic that gets blown into the ocean en route to landfill sites, reducing plastic pollution, conserving resources and reducing the amount of energy used producing items from virgin plastic.

Buy products made with recycled plastic is really important. Plastic is a hardy, versatile material so can be repurposed from its original state into all sorts of other things when it’s recycled. Doing this is called ‘closing the loop’ (the loop being the three arrows on the recycling logo) and helps to create a more circular economy with less waste. Our recycled aluminum foil uses the same principle! You can read more about plastic and how we should be using it in one of our blog posts, here. 

What else will it do for me?

The Ecoforce Recycled Plastic Dish Brush’s creators point out that there are other benefits too. Using a brush is kind to your hands as you won’t damage your skin and nails with detergent or hot water when you’re doing the washing up. There’s also a lot less mess when you use a brush – the big bits of food will simply rinse off those bristles after you’ve finished the dirtiest of kitchen clean-ups, rather than clinging to your cloth. If you want to keep it really clean and fresh for the future, there are some great tips here.

Do you stock any more cleaning products?

We do. Have a look at our full range here.


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