Recycled Plastic Food Bag Clips


These recycled plastic food bag clips are a great! They’re really efficient at clipping closed bags and packets. And they’re made of recycled plastic!

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Fed up with spills in your cupboards, fridge or freezer? Home Proud Recycled Plastic Food Bag Clips are the perfect solution. They’ll keep your food safely in its packets so you can store it until you’re ready to use it.

Home Proud Recycled Plastic Food Bag Clips are also the ideal way to keep food fresher for longer. By sealing the top of your bags of produce, you’ll stop the contents going stale and that means less waste. That can only be good for the planet, and for your bank balance.

What are they made of?

Home Proud Recycled Plastic Food Bag Clips are made in the UK from 93% recycled materials. They are safe to use to store food in the freezer and can even be cleaned in your dishwasher or washing machine to they’re mess-free and there’s less risk of contamination if you decide to use them for raw meat one day and then homemade cakes the next.

How many clips are in a packet?

You get 10 in a pack.

How do I attach the recycled plastic food bag clip to the bag or packet?

They’re really easy to use . Whether it’s a bag of bread or frozen fish or vegetables, simply twist the top of the packaging and clip the recycled plastic food bag clip around it. When you don’t finish that bag of crisps or are storing the likes of pasta or rice, then just fold over the excess packaging and the peg-like design will hold the bag shut and the contents safely inside. If you’re looking for some more ways to keep food fresher for longer and minimise waste, we found these great ideas from Which?

Do you sell other household products?

Yes, so don’t worry if you do spill something. We’ve got the perfect cleaning products to help you tidy up the mess – from recycled cloths and brushes to eco-friendly brush head replacements that won’t cost the earth. We do laundry products too. Have a look at our full range here.