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Recycled Plastic Lunch Set

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Recycled Plastic Lunch Set


This colourful Lock & Lock lunch set is made from 100% food-grade recycled plastic (so you can see why we love it!). Sustainable, uber practical and very convenient, this set is made up of a large food storage box and a water bottle, making it perfect for use in an office, at school or on a hike. With its click and lock system, this recycled plastic set keeps food and water fresh, is leak-proof and BPA free. The container is also freezer and microwave safe.

This set has a lifetime guarantee and includes 1 x 1.4litre rectangular container & 1 x 350ml flip-top water bottle.

Please note: due to the different salvaged plastics that make up the composition of the containers, no two products will be exactly the same colour giving each one a unique identity of its own. This means that the colour of the product provided may not match the image shown.

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What is included in this Recycled Plastic Lunch Set?

This Recycled Plastic Lunch Set includes a 1.4litre rectangular container which is perfect for storing your ‘desk lunch’ in the office or can be used as a lunchbox at school. The set also comes with a 350ml water bottle which will keep you well hydrated throughout the day! We’ve used this set on some local Lake District walks and have loved it. Made from BPA-free, 100% food-grade recycled plastic, the set will fit nicely into rucksacks or larger bags and has a lifetime guarantee.

Due to the different salvaged plastics that make up the composition of the containers, no two products will be exactly the same colour giving each one a unique identity of its own (which we love!). This means that the colour of the product provided may not match the image shown.

We also have other recycled sets similar to this including a smaller 3-piece container set and a larger 2 piece container set.


Why is this Recycled Plastic Lunch Set so great?

Not only is this Recycled Plastic Lunch Set useful, practical, brilliant quality and wonderfully colourful, but it is also made of 100% recycled plastic which makes the set so much more sustainable (which as you know, we are rather passionate about) by reducing plastic pollution that can be harmful to our environment and our oceans. This set is also BPA-free which means they are totally safe to use over and over.

Many Tupperware-style boxes and reusable plastic bottles are made of plastic and more often than not, virgin plastic. We have found this first-hand and have really struggled to find everyday items made with recycled materials that were affordable and of a good quality.

When we found and tried this lunch set we knew we had to add them to our shop! Long-lasting, leakproof, sturdy AND sustainable. What more do you want from a humble plastic box and water bottle?


Why is it important to use recycled plastic?

We are all pretty well-versed on the importance of recycling plastic and reducing our use of single-use plastics. It reduces the volume of plastic waste that goes into landfill, reduces the amount of plastic that gets blown into the ocean en route to landfill sites, reduces plastic pollution, it conserves resources and reduces the amount of energy used producing items from virgin plastic (to name a few reasons!).

But once we recycle plastic, what do we do? Well, think about it. If we dutifully recycle our plastic but continue to use virgin plastics, then what’s the point of recycling it in the first place? If we don’t buy products made of recycled plastic the plastic we continue to recycle will soon pile up into more unwanted waste or get burned.

So instead, we should try and buy products made with recycled plastic to make all our dutiful recycling worth it! Plastic is a hardy, versatile material so can be repurposed from its original state into all sorts of other things when it’s recycled. Doing this is called ‘closing the loop’ (the loop being the three arrows on the recycling logo) and helps to create a more circular economy with less waste. Our recycled aluminum foil uses the same principle! You can read more about plastic and how we should be using it in one of our blog posts, here. 


What other products are in the recycled range?

Oh, we’ve got lots and we will be adding more! As we said above, we found it really difficult to find useful, everyday products made of recycled materials so our aim is to build our selection so that you can get lots of brilliant, recycled goodies in one place.

We have other plastic boxes in a variety of sizes as well as household products like our mop pail & wringer and our kitchen drawer organiser which are both made from recycled plastic.  We also have a recycled plastic composterrecycled aluminum foil and recycled metal dangles! Keep checking back for our latest additions.


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