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Recycled Plastic Small Plates – Adventure Set – Pack of 4

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Recycled Plastic Small Plates – Adventure Set – Pack of 4


Our recycled plastic small plates from the ‘Adventure Set’ are perfect for camping, picnics and days at the beach. Lightweight yet durable enough to carry along with you on an outdoor adventure, these reusable outdoor plastic plates are an eco-friendly alternative to the usual disposable plastic plates (and even disposable paper plates!). They are made from 100% food-grade recycled plastic and designed to last for hundreds of uses. Once they do come to the end of their long life, however, they are 100% recyclable which means they are zero waste too!

These plates are BPA free, dishwasher safe and are available in three different colours.

Each pack contains four plates and each plate is 7” in diameter.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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Tell me more about these small recycled plastic camping plates…

Our recycled plastic small plates from the Adventure Set are perfect to use as camping plates, picnic plates or outdoor tableware for days at the beach. Lightweight yet durable and hard enough to carry along with you on an outdoor adventure, these reusable outdoor plastic plates are a sustainable alternative to not so eco-friendly disposable plastic plates and disposable paper plates (and even disposable bamboo plates).

Unlike other camping plates and dinner sets, these cool camping plates are made from 100% food-grade recycled plastic (basically, plastic that comes from milk bottles, yoghurt pots and the like). Most outdoor tableware made for camping and picnics are either made from virgin plastics or are short use disposable plates (disposable plastic plates or disposable paper plates). Either that or they are melamine picnicware, metal camping plates, or bamboo plates – again all made from virgin materials. These ones utilise and repurpose recycled plastics to create hard plastic plates that are practical, sustainable, long-lasting and therefore more environmentally friendly (and in our opinion look better than even the high-end disposable plates!). Once they do come to the end of their long life, however (because we aren’t going to lie to you, it will eventually happen after a few hundred uses), they are 100% recyclable. You can literally put them into your recycling bin as you would your other household plastics, they’ll go off to be recycled and hopefully turned into something new. This means these are the best camping plates in our eyes because they are zero waste!

They are also BPA free so you can guarantee they are safe to use over and over, as well as dishwasher safe. Not that you would have a dishwasher when you are out camping, at the beach or out on a picnic but once you get home you can chuck them in the dishwasher and collapse on your sofa in a heap after your long day or outdoor adventuring.


Have you got matching items to make crockery sets and tableware sets?

Yes, we do! We have created the range so that you can mix and match between colours and cutlery types. In addition to these small plastic plates, within our Adventure Set, we also have large recyclable dinner plates, recycled plastic cups and camping cutlery. Like these outdoor plates, all the items in our Adventure Set, are lightweight, durable, reusable, made from recycled plastic and are environmentally friendly (packaging included). So, if you want larger camping plates, a few bits and bobs to use as picnic crockery, plastic plates and cups for the beach or go the full nine yards and get the full set, then you can!


Can I use these plastic plates as picnic tableware?

You absolutely can use these small plastic plates as picnic tableware. As we mentioned above, these plates and the items in our Adventure Set of recycled plastic crockery are designed for ‘on the go’ uses. That means any sort of outdoor adventure, such as camping plates, picnic plates and even beach plates!

If you are wanting a more durable outdoor tableware set then why not take a look at our Al Fresco range? Still just as eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled plastic, this range of outdoor tableware is great to use as garden tableware, for parties, as kids’ plastic dinnerware or for activities like sailing. They are heavier and thicker which makes them a bit of a pain to put in a bag and take with you for a real outdoor adventure but are perfect to use for other outdoor (and indoor!) uses. This range has large plates, bowls and cups.


Why have you created recycled plastic plates and tableware?

Chimney Sheep HQ is based just on the edge of the Lake District. That means we are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors rather a lot and we love it! Lots of our colleagues love walking, camping, picnicking and exploring. How can you not when we live in such a beautiful part of the world?! It has made us realise though that there aren’t really any recycled plastic tableware options to take out with you that were eco-friendly, reusable and light enough to put in our backpacks.

Instead, there are either single-use plastic disposable plates, single-use paper disposable plates or traditional melamine picnicware sets (which is an artificial compound made under intense heat and is not recyclable nor particularly eco-friendly). So, we thought, ‘ah-ha!’, let’s fix that! Let’s make reusable plastic tableware made from 100% recycled plastic.

What seemed like a simple solution to the problem, turned out not to be so simple to create! To create these, we needed recycled food-grade plastic. A lot of food packaging gets recycled, so we thought that should be easy enough to source. Right? Wrong! Turns out, it is very difficult to get which seems non-sensical considering how much food-grade plastic we all recycle nowadays. The issue is that most food-grade plastic doesn’t get separated out. Anyway, long story short, after researching and contacting lots of suppliers we EVENTUALLY got our hands-on recycled food-grade plastic and here we are today, with our fantastic reusable outdoor plastic plates!


Why is it important to use recycled plastic?

As we are probably all aware, plastics create an awful lot of energy to create, aren’t easy to dispose of and are generally not so great for the environment. Plastic isn’t all bad though. It is a useful material in lots of contexts – it’s hardy, long-lasting and lightweight. That’s what makes it so great for our reusable plastic tableware. The issue comes when we continue to use virgin, disposable plastics.

Most of us now dutifully recycle most of our plastic waste. If we continue to recycle but then also continue to use virgin plastics, what is the point of recycling in the first place? Instead, it is important that we ‘close the loop’ and start using recycled plastics to make new things. As we said, plastic is a great material to use in lots of circumstances so if we have lots of plastic being recycled, then let’s use that stuff (and recycle and reuse again and again and again etc) for the items that plastic is great for, instead of continuing to create new virgin plastics. Common sense if you ask us!

We now have lots of everyday household items made of recycled materials. They work just as well but are a more sustainable alternative. You can check them out here.


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