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Recycled plastic wood composter

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Recycled plastic wood composter

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This is a durable and efficient composter made of 56 kilos of recycled plastic waste. Not only are you buying a useful product for your garden that will last for decades, you are taking plastic out of the waste stream that would otherwise end up in landfill or the oceans: win-win!

These cost us around £40 to send so at £137.50 you’ll appreciate a lot of that cost is pallet delivery. If you want more than one then get in touch as we can sort out a discount for you. And of course if you are in the area you can just pop round and pick one up for £97.50

We’ve added this into our Gifty Things category. Well, I know I would be delighted to receive one of these and pretty impressed with the generosity, thoughtfulness and ingenuity of the person who found this for me! It clearly can’t be awarded Plastic Free Present status but it doesn’t have any additional unnecessary plastic with it except for the nylon straps we use to attach it to the pallet.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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This is brilliant. It’s a composter made of recycled plastic. It’s ridiculously heavy. It weighs around 56 kilos. You will have seen these made of wood, right? They slot together and within minutes you’ve got a slatted composter. And within a couple of years it’s started biodegrading itself, and becoming one with the compost. I should know, I had one, and it was great for a while.
So what’s so great about this recycled plastic wood composter? Well. I’m glad you asked. It’s made of mixed household waste plastic. The trouble with recycling plastic is that there are so many different types. Some recycled plastic products, like our Ecoforce clothes pegs, are made by extracting particular types of plastic from co-mingled waste. This is quite labour intensive and means only certain types of plastics can be used. This recycled plastic wood composter uses a whole range of different plastics mixed together to create an entirely new type of plastic called plastic lumber. The reason it’s so heavy is that it’s quite dense. And that’s what is so exciting about it, for us here at Chimney Sheep anyway: 56 kilos of household waste plastic in a beautifully made recycled plastic wood composter is 56 kilos of plastic waste not in landfill or bobbing about in the ocean! That’s like around 2800 empty 500ml bottles all incapsulated into one useful product. Or 5600 empty yoghurt pots. Or as it’s comingled waste, any combination of thousands of yoghurt pots, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic food trays, and all manner of other rubbish all usefully recycled. Now can you see why we’re so happy?

A composter is the perfect application for plastic lumber. It is extremely durable: it doesn’t rot or biodegrade. It doesn’t splinter or crack. It’s weather resistant and maintenance free.

Product details for the recycled plastic wood composter

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 100 x 100 x 90 cm
  • Easy assembly
  • Weather-resistant, maintenance-free, durable
  • Material and use match perfectly
  • For professional gardeners and keen amateurs
  • Delivered as a kit excluding base

Durability and performance

  • Weather-resistant
  • Rot-resistant
  • Splinter-free, therefore low risk of injury
  • Can be used year round
  • Moisture-repellent, does not absorb water, therefore dries fast

Environmental credentials

  • Produced without preservatives
  • Reduces the strain on landfills, is sustainably environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable in the material cycle
  • Made by Hahn Plastics who have been awarded the “BLUE ANGEL” eco-label
  • Water neutral
  • Non-toxic (safe according to DIN 71, Section 3 Playground Regulation)

Economic benefits of the recycled plastic wood composter

  • Long service life
  • Resistant to oils, brines, acids, and salt water
  • No maintenance costs
  • Made of high-quality processed secondary plastics (polyolefins)

How to make good compost

Composting your garden waste is an excellent way of reducing waste and producing your own lovely organic compost. If you read about composting it can seem really complicated. There are a number of ways of doing it. There is lots of useful information about composting on the RHS website. This recycled plastic wood composter is predominantly for garden waste only. The materials rot down with a combination of bacteria and worms. If you want to put food waste in the mix then it’s recommended to use a closed system like the Green Johanna. If you put food waste into an open slatted composter then you are likely to attract vermin. The Green Johanna is great since you can put all kinds of food waste in it, mixed with garden waste and shredded paper and such. There are small holes in the base so useful creatures like worms and insects can get in, but the rats can’t. I also use a tumbler composter at our Chimney Sheep factory. This is for composting shredded credit card details, cardboard, wool bits that are swept off the floor, and fruit waste from a neighbouring jam factory. I find that this composter works brilliantly if we’ve got the right mix but it’s a bit more tricky to get started as it relies on having a good balance of brown and green / moist and dry ingredients. The great thing about the recycled plastic wood composter and the Green Joanna is that with the worms to help you can just keep adding stuff until the mix is about right. If it’s too wet then add shredded paper or card, and if it’s too dry add wet stuff. A lot of compost instructions advise mixing it regularly but this lovely book about compost simply advises letting the worms do the mixing and I must say in my experience that works fine.


1 review for Recycled plastic wood composter

  1. David

    Great composter, delivered quickly

    I ordered three of these to replace some home-made wooden ones that were doing what wood does (rotting away).

    They arrived quickly, securely strapped to a pallet. The composters are very substantial, with thick/heavy plastic wood pieces, forming a large volume inside. It easily swallowed the contents of a dalek style bin, and one of my homemade bins.

    Overall, I’m very pleased. They’re good robust bins and they look like they’ll last for years, without rotting!

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