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Sheep Wool Draught Seal Tape for Doors and Windows

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Sheep Wool Draught Seal Tape for Doors and Windows

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Our wool draught-proofing tape will stop those pesky draughts sneaking through the little gaps in your doors and windows.

Sold in a 5m length and made of 100% British wool, this sustainable, self-adhesive draught seal tape is easy to use and will also prevent warm air from escaping your home.

Using this tape will not only make your home feel cosier but it will make it more energy-efficient too! Suitable for doors and windows.

L5m, W10mm, D3mm 

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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Where can I use this Sheep Wool Draught Seal Tape?

This Sheep Wool Draught Seal Tape works to draught-proof gaps around your doors and windows, stopping cold air from entering your home. You can read more about the benefits and potential financial savings of window and door draught-proofing on the Energy Savings Trust website. 


How do I know if I have draughts coming through gaps in my doors and windows?

If the gaps the draughts are coming through aren’t obviously visible, then use a Smoke Pencil which will show you exactly where the cold air is coming in. It is a really quick and easy way to identify where you need to draught-proof.


How do I install this Sheep Wool Draught Seal Tape?

1) Ensure the surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dust dirt and grease.

2) Unravel the draught excluder tape, take the end of the strip and remove a section of the backing.

3) Working from the top-down, adhere the tape to the vertical frame of the door or window so that the seal can be compressed by the closing action.

4) Once you have got to the bottom of the section, cut the tape to the exact length using a sharp pair of scissors.

5) Go back over the length and press down on the tape to ensure it is stuck down well to the surface. To secure it even further just add some little veneer pins along the length.

6) Repeat this process for any other vertical sections and horizontal sections.


Where else in my house should I look to draught-proof?

If you have an open chimney, definitely look at draught-proofing it!  An open chimney causes other draughts in your house to become worse and it could also be your home’s biggest source of heat loss! So why not have a look at our Chimney Sheep® chimney draught excluders which are made of Herdwick wool and will work hand-in-hand with our sheep wool draught-proofing tape to make sure your home is as toasty and comfortable as it can be!

9 reviews for Sheep Wool Draught Seal Tape for Doors and Windows

  1. Michele, London

    Works great

    Fantastic draught tape! Works great and makes a big difference in keeping the rooms cooler.


    Sheep wool draught tape

    Excellent product. Has cut out all draught around our front door. Very easy to use.

  3. Diana Parkes

    Why you buy an unnatural alternative????

    Having bought a chimney sheep to stop great loss via the chimney, and been absolutely delighted with it and the company (check out their cartoon instructions!!) I came across the draught excluder for doors.
    Delivered promptly with great instructions (including using panel pins to fix them fast). So, they were easy to and I’m confident that they’ll stay in place, when other options have come off. And they’re beautifully snug keeping out all cold air, as you would expect of sheep’s wool.
    So, brilliant. I have some left that I’m hoping to find another good home for (someone in need).
    Thanks Chimney Sheep for found what you do, and doing it so brilliantly and with great humour too (creating a brand personality people warm to is a great art that the biggest budget consumer brands fail to deliver!!)

  4. Anthony McAlister

    Sheep wool draught seal tape

    Great product – it has done a brilliant job on my doors, easy to use, drafts non existent now & great delivery service.

  5. Dawn Roberts

    So easy to apply – a really snug fit and environmentally sound. Rock on you sheep.

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