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SheepWool Insulation – Optimal Rolls

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SheepWool Insulation – Optimal Rolls

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The Optimal Sheep Wool insulation is a medium density insulation suitable for walls, ceilings and floors. It can also be used for topping up existing insulation. It is thinner than the Premium and Comfort, coming in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. It is made with a smoother surface on one side, a felted surface so to speak, which makes it easier to staple to walls and ceilings.

The density is 18kg per cubic metre.

Thermal conductivity: tr 0,0385 W/mK

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The SheepWool Optimal Insulation has a smooth surface and a more firmly textured felt than the other two thicker wool insulation products. This makes it ideal for stapling to walls and ceilings, and for applying in hard-to-reach locations. It is easy to cut or rip and is a versatile insulation product. As with the other insulation products, it comes in standard widths of 380mm and 570mm to fit rafter gaps of 400mm and 600mm respectively.

Have a look at this video for details on how to apply it.

Have a look at this diagram to see the range of locations it’s suitable for: 55200-Sheepwool Insulation-Brochures 4pp A4

What other sheep wool insulation products are available?

As well as the Optimal range, there is Comfort and Premium.

Comfort and Premium come in 100mm and 150mm thickness.

Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation is a cost-effective product that can be used in floor / ceiling applications.

Premium has a unique pleated construction which means it has excellent insulation properties, doesn’t compress over time, and can be used easily in horizontal, vertical and sloping applications. It has a density of 20kg per cubic metre and thermal conductivity of tr 0,0359 W/mK.

Sheep wool is the perfect natural insulator. It’s made by the same company that magics our Herdwick wool into mothproof felt for our Chimney Sheeps. They make three different densities of insulation that are suitable for different applications. It is made of 100% wool without any plastic fibres that many other sheep wool insulations have.

This makes it a bit more expensive but it is 100% wool, 100% mothproof, 100% chemical free.

It is safe to handle and apply, requiring no gloves, dust mask or safety equipment. It will last for decades but at the end of its life can simply be composted. There are no plastic fibres or chemicals in any of the SheepWool Insulation® products.

They have all been moth-proofed using the patented and very clever Ionic Protect® treatment. This changes the ionic charge of the wool fibres, so that moths don’t even recognise it as wool and fly on by. Other moth deterrents rely on the moth larvae eating a little bit of the product in order to be poisoned by the treatment – this means a little bit of it deteriorates each time a moth larvae chews on it. Not with the ionic protect. It looks like wool to us, behaves like wool for us – it is wool! but clothes moths and carpet beetles are tricked into looking elsewhere to dump their load of eggs to hatch into a hoard of wool munching monsters.

All the insulation products are designed to fit between standard joists 400mm and 600mm apart, so all the rolls are 380mm and 570mm wide to fit snugly between the joists. The narrower rolls are sent in packs of 3, and the wider ones in packs of two.

What are the benefits of wool?

Ever so many! Here are but a few.
Wool has excellent insulation properties, keeping buildings warm in winter and cool in summer.

Wool is an excellent natural sound absorber and sound insulator.

Wool is hygroscopic, so it will readily absorb water from the air. If you’ve got a damp home, the wool can help absorb moisture then wick it away when there’s enough airflow to dry it out. It can absorb up to 33% of its own weight without feeling damp.

Wool is hypoallergenic – it is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew that can trigger allergic reactions in many people.

Wool is naturally breathable, allowing air and moisture to move and circulate in a space (purifying air that moves through the wool), but still insulating and keeping your home warm. Think of it like a nice feather duvet, that keeps you snug and warm but still permits moisture and air to percolate through.

Wool absorbs VOC’s – high volatile compounds – such as formaldehyde. These are in the air all around us, especially in new products and furniture, things that have been varnished, things that smell “new. The VOC’s bind permanently with the keratin in the wool fibre. Read more about it here.

What’s wrong with VOC’s?

They can cause irritation to eyes, nose and throat. They can cause shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and skin problems. Higher concentrations of VOC’s may cause lung irritation, and damage to the kidneys, liver and central nervous system.

1 review for SheepWool Insulation – Optimal Rolls

  1. Bob H


    Three rolls of Optimal 100mm thick, 380mm wide, 6m long, used both vertically between studs and horizontally. I’ve done a bit of insulation in my time, and I think this is the only insulation material I’ve worked with that is a positive pleasure to use. Bare hands, no mask, no problems. Measuring and cutting is very easy (ordinary kitchen scissors) and it’s very forgiving of inaccuracy – just tug/squeeze to fit snugly.

    The stud spacing was irregular, so I cut to the width of the space and stacked the pieces sideways. After smoothing together, you can hardly see the join. I used a few little 8mm staples for the vertical sections, though it all looked as if it would probably stay in place anyway.

    SheepWool Insulation - Optimal Rolls
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