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SilentWool Carpet – pure wool underlay

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SilentWool Carpet – pure wool underlay


This is lovely stuff! This is pure wool underlay. It has been treated with the ionic protect moth treatment, same as all the other products in the range, so you can treat yourself to wool underlay without the worry of moths. It is 9mm thick, and made entirely of wool without any “carrier” material so it gives a lovely bounce as you walk on it. It has excellent sound insulation properties.

Dimensions: L10m x W1m x D9mm

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The SheepWool Insulation SilentWool 100% pure wool underlay for carpets is part of a range of sound proofing and insulation products made of pure wool. The pure wool underlay is 9mm thick, and comes in rolls 1m wide and 10m long. It’s a very popular carpet underlay due to its luxurious texture and qualities. It works particularly well in older houses with draughty floorboard gaps. It effectively seals the gaps, reducing the draughts and making the building cosy and warm. The pure wool underlay is tough and long lasting.

It has been treated with the globally renowned and very clever Ionic Protect®. This is a chemical free way of treating the wool that permanently changes the ionic charge of the wool. Wool eating moths are actually very useful in nature. It’s actually the larvae that eat the keratin in wool, hair, silk and feathers. If the moth larvae didn’t eat these they would take much longer to biodegrade. So they do a good job. It’s just when clothes moths continue to efficiently munch through wool in the home that they become a serious problem. The inventor of Ionic Protect®, Alex Lehner, is an Austrian engineer who inherited his parents’ wool business. He put his engineering mind to the conundrum of wool moths. He observed that in nature, there are some fibres that are not eaten by wool moth larvae, such as spider webs. These are made of silk but are avoided by wool moths. Alex investigated further and found that it’s due to the ionic charge of the silk. The moth larvae simply didn’t recognise the material as something that was edible for them. He then researched how to change the ionic charge of sheep wool using plasma treatment. Eventually he came up with the remarkable process that can be used to treat all our wool insulation products and Chimney Sheeps.


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