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SilentWool Floor – pure wool underlayment

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SilentWool Floor – pure wool underlayment


This is a very dense wool felt that is used to cushion solid timber, engineered wood and laminate floors from the subfloor. It provides the supreme cushioning that you would expect from a pure wool product. It also provides excellent sound absorption, reducing the noise of footfall by around 50%. It is made from 100% pure wool treated with the world renowned Ionic Protect® against moths.

Dimensions: L25m x W1m x D3.5mm

Raw density: 100kg/m3

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SheepWool Silentwool Floor is an acoustic felt designed to go under timber floors and laminates. It lays onto a flat surface such as screed, concrete, or plywood. It acts as a natural pure wool underlayment to cushion the laminate, engineered or solid wooden floor. It also provides acoustic insulation, reducing the sound of footfall by up to 21decibels. That’s about half what it would be without any sound insulation in place.

The SilentWool floor pure wool underlayment is lined with paper for two clever reasons. You lay it paper side up, so that when you lay your lovely wood flooring on top of it, it doesn’t snag the wool and get on the fitter’s nerves. The second clever reason is that if there are any spills on the floor that sort of leak through the gap, the paper protects the wool underneath. The paper is a natural breathable material that is applied with an environmentally friendly glue.

Wool is a natural, sustainable material with remarkable properties. It can be felted to different densities that cause it to perform in different ways. Our insulation products are more lightly felted in order to trap air to be effective insulators. These vary in density from 14kg per cubic metre to 20kg per cubic metre. They are warm and cosy, but it’s the trapped air along with the fibres that provide the insulation properties we require. The SilentWool Floor has a density of 100kg per cubic metre. That’s dense! It means it provides a robust strong layer of cushioning pure wool underlayment on which to lay the hard flooring and protect it from the substrate underneath. It provides insulation, cushioning, and sound insulation very effectively.

Just like our whole range of wool insulation and Chimney Sheep chimney draught excluders, the wool is treated with Ionic Protect®, ensuring it is treated against moths with a very clever plasma treatment that permanently changes the wool fibre so that Mrs Moth doesn’t recognise it as a suitable place to lay her eggs.



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