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SilentWool Joist – pure wool sound insulation

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  • silentwool joist pure wool sound insulation
  • SilentWool Joist wool insulation for joists

SilentWool Joist – pure wool sound insulation


SilentWool Joist Pure Wool Sound Insulation is fitted to joists to effectively minimise sound that reverberates through structures. It is laid along a joist before the timbers are fixed across. This reduces the sound transmission by up to 50%.

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The SheepWool Insulation Silentwool Joist is the same as the Silentwool Floor – 3.5mm thick felted wool on a roll 100mm wide and 10m long. Well the same except it doesn’t have the paper on it, as it has a different role. This product is designed to fit onto joists before timbers are laid onto them. The Silentwool Floor reduces sound by up to 21 decibels, or by around 50%. You know how annoying it is when you can hear every footfall of the people upstairs? Well this is partly due to sound vibrating through the materials that have been used to construct the building. By laying Silentwool Joist over the joists before laying timbers on top, the vibrations are absorbed by the wool and the sound dissipates. SilentWool Joist is an innovative way of reducing sound transmission through structure-borne contact between joists and floors / subfloors.

How to fit SilentWool Joist

You will need: Scissors, measuring tape and staple gun.

Preparation : The joists must be thoroughly clean and dry.

Installation: Simply install SilentWool Joist by unrolling it along the joist. Fold at each side, then staple the folded side into the side of the joist so that it is securely held in place when the floor is fitter.

Use in conjunction with the SilentWool carpet underlay and the SilentWool timber floor underlayment, and of course SheepWool Insulation for the full wool acoustic insulation effect.

Just like all the other insulation and draught exclusion wool products, it has been treated with Ionic Protect® so you can trust it not to be at risk of moth infestation.


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