G2 Slug and Snail Deterrent


This natural and environmentally-friendly product will deter slugs and snails from eating your foliage without killing them. Grazers G2 is an organic and safe way to deter these garden pests.


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Slugs and snails have an important role to play in our gardens, but they can also wreak havoc on our precious plants. Grazers G2 Slug & Snail Deterrent will help prevent damage while protecting wildlife at the same time.

How can I stop slugs and snails eating my plants?

Spraying your plants with Grazers G2 Slug & Snail Deterrent will help protect them from being damaged by these common garden pests. The solution lasts for around six weeks. It makes the plant taste bitter to the animals and birds that would usually eat it, which means they leave it alone. As well as deterring pests, the solution also enhances growth and strengthens the plant so, by applying this product, you’re helping the plant to help itself.

Why is G2 Slug and Snail Deterrent better than chemical products?

Synthetic products pose a serious threat to the environment and can get into the food chain. Grazers G2 is an environmentally friendly, natural product that deters pests without killing them leaving the pests healthy for consumption by their own natural predators.

Is this formula harmful to humans or pets?

No. It’s totally safe to use in areas used by children and pets as the main ingredient is a form of calcium, which is harmless to people and animals. It’s suitable for both edible and ornamental plants, but it’s recommended that you wait a week after treatment before harvesting plants that are to be eaten as it could affect the taste.

Is there anything else I can do to tackle this problem?

Yes. Grazers 2 doesn’t kill the pests, it just puts them off eating the plants, so it’s important to improve the biodiversity in your garden to encourage their natural predators. We sell a range of homes for wildlife and bird food too. Useful information about slugs and snails is available from Friends of the Earth.

Does Chimney Sheep sell any other natural pest control products?

Yes. We stock natural moth repellents, as well as sprays to put off other garden pests. Have a look at our list.