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Smoke Pencil Adapter Kit

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Smoke Pencil Adapter Kit


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This Smoke Pencil Adapter Kit makes your standard Smoke Pencil much more versatile. The Smoke pencil unit emits the “smoke” in a vertical direction and has a diameter of 18mm. This adaptor kit fits to the Smoke Pencil and enables a much finer stream of smoke to be emitted for detecting the finest of leaks. It also enables the Smoke Pencil to be tipped horizontally or upside down to increase the range of locations in which the Smoke Pencil can be used. It comprises a fan unit powered by an AA battery (not supplied) and two tips of the same aperture that can be cut to required sizes.
This is a useful piece of kit that transforms your Smoke Pencil Pro into an advanced draught-finder. Simply fit the fan attachment to the end of the Smoke Pencil, and fit the conical tip to the end. There are two tips, so one can be cut to be a little wider if you need a slightly large plume of smoke.


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