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85ml Smoke Pencil Refill Fluid

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85ml Smoke Pencil Refill Fluid


What is in the Smoke Pencil Fuel?

The re-fill fluid contains: propylene glycol, glycerin, and distilled water. These are all commonly used in food, drugs and cosmetics. The product has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by an independent laboratory.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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Your Smoke Pencil comes with a 85ml supply of glycerine-based fuel, which will last for hours, but when this finally runs out you can replenish it with the refill fluid and keep using the Smoke Pencil for years. Remember to empty the tank when you’ve finished using the Smoke Pencil, mainly to stop it from leaking out when it’s being stored. The heating process generates water as a by-product and this can be extracted using the squeezey mechanism in the bottle and mixed back in with the mainly water-based fuel.


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