Snug Feet Wool Insoles – Womens


Add a luxurious layer of comfort to your boots with Chimney Sheep’s 100% pure wool insoles. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast who is searching for perfect walking boot inserts or someone who wants to keep your feet warm when your home gets a little chilly. Our range of locally made men’s boot insoles and women’s boot insoles are guaranteed to leave your feet feeling exceptionally warm and comfortable whilst absorbing any unpleasant odours.

How do I know if my Wool Insoles will fit?

Chimney Sheep’s pure wool insoles come in two different sizes – Women’s (up to) UK size 8 and Men’s (up to) UK size 12. As everyone’s feet are different shapes, our 10mm insoles are designed so that you can measure them to perfectly fit your own. To get the best fit, take the insole out of the boot you want to fit it into and use this as a template to cut around. After some wear, they will compress down and mould to the exact shape of your foot.

They’re suitable for walking books, wellingtons, large fitting boots or worn slippers that need a new lease of life.

But how do wool insoles reduce feet odour?

As you may already know, human sweat doesn’t actually smell. It is the bacteria that develops over time in our clothes or shoes that causes body odour. However, the natural fibre properties within a Herdwick sheep’s fleece draws moisture away from your skin so that it can’t build up this certain bacteria. People have tried to replicate this process in man-made fabrics for years but have never succeeded in matching the wonders of wool.

As well as being odour resistant, the ingenious material in our boot inserts is also:

  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Controls perspiration
  • Extra warm
  • Anti-slip
  • Adds a bounce to your step!

Made in the Lake District from 100% Herdwick sheep wool, once you discover our range of felted wool insoles you will want one in every pair of boots you own. They are the ultimate luxury for your feet.