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Snug Feet Wool Insoles

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Snug Feet Wool Insoles

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Our ever so cosy Snug Feet Wool Insoles add a luxurious layer of comfort to your footwear. Made with 100% Herdwick wool, we use the wastage felt during the production of our Chimney Sheep® draught excluders to create the insoles (we hate waste!). Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast who is searching for the perfect walking boot inserts or someone who wants to make your slippers extra warm when it gets a little chilly, our wool insoles are guaranteed to leave your feet feeling warm and smelling fresh!

Using wool as a material for our Snug Feet Wool insoles is perfect as it means they are:

  • Odour resistant
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perspiration controlling
  • Extra warm
  • ‘Bouncy’
  • Completely natural
  • Sustainable
  • Compostable after their long life

These pure wool insoles are 10mm thick and come in two sizes – a UK 4-8 and a UK 9-12.

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Why is wool great for insoles?

There are LOTS of reasons! In fact, we think wool is one of the best materials for insoles because it really is functional. Here are a few some of wool’s unique qualities that make it the perfect material to use for insoles:

  • Odour resistant – this is one of the main reason’s wool is so brilliant for insoles. In fact, better than most manmade material insoles. As you may already know, human sweat does not actually smell. It is the bacteria that develops over time in our clothes or shoes that causes body odour. Wool naturally absorbs and locks way odours during wear. The wool fibre actively binds odours within its fibre where bacteria do not thrive. As a result, the garment remains fresher for longer. Clever hey?
  • Naturally breathable – wool has a unique structure that allows it to absorb and release moisture (such as sweat) without affecting its thermal efficiency. I can absorb up to 30 per cent of its own weight, even when next to skin.
  • Extra warm – thanks to wool’s hygroscopic abilities these insoles will help to keep your feet nice and warm. That is also why wool works so well for our 100% Sheep’s Wool Insulation!
  • Hypoallergenic – wool is resistant to bacteria that can trigger skin irritations in some people.
  • ‘Bouncy’ – the insoles are 10mm thick so add a great bit of comfort and bounce!
  • Completely natural – our insoles are made of 100% Herdwick Sheep’s wool from Cumbria that we collect during our Operation Wool project every year.
  • Sustainable – wool is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet because it is totally renewable thanks all the lovely sheep we have in the UK.
  • Compostable after their long life – these insoles should last you a good few years but, like all good things, they must come to an end. BUT the insoles are made with 100% wool, they are fully compostable! Hooray!

If you want to read more about the wonders of wool visit the Campaign for Wool website where they have lots of cool facts about wool!


What shoes can I use these wool insoles for?

They are suitable for all shoes really, but we love using our insoles in walking boots, winter boots, wellingtons, gardening shoes and our slippers!


What size insoles do I need?

Our wool insoles come in two different sizes: a smaller size (UK shoe size 4-8) and a larger size (UK shoe size 9-12). Both are 10mm thick.

With everyone’s feet being different shapes and sizes, we have designed the insoles so that you can measure them to fit your own feet. To get the best fit, take the insole out of the boot or shoe you are planning to fit the wool insoles into. Use this as a template to cut your new (and much comfier!) wool insole and tadaah! Cosy, fresh smelling insoles that will fit perfectly in your shoe.  After some wear, the insoles will compress down and mould to the exact shape of your foot.

61 reviews for Snug Feet Wool Insoles

  1. Peter Smith

    Slipper Insoles

    Have a couple of pairs of fur lined slippers. One pair keeps my feet nice and warm, the other pair not so you really notice a difference. Bought a pair of Chimney Sheeps insoles to try in my under performing fur lined slippers. The item arrived quite quickly, are easy to trim to the shape of the slipper they were required for.
    I must say the new insole have made a big difference. A lot comfier underfoot. Can feel more heat in the slippers. Have not tried them in my wellies yet, hence only four stars.
    I would certainly recommend Chimney Sheep and this product.

  2. Rosemary Saxey


    I need to keep my feet warm and these do the job. I also like to support an English business.

  3. Jane Welsh

    Great gift

    Wonderful idea for an interesting stocking filler. Environmentally friendly with a Lakeland twist. Perfect.

  4. Mr D Wainwright

    Footwear Insoles

    A Soft heavenly haven for your feet…Seriously they really are…We wear ours bare footed, they are comfortable, warm & versatile …company website details say it all
    (We wear them in wellies/ riding boots/slippers/shoes & sheepskin boots )…so impressed I’ve recommended to others & bought as gifts
    D. Wain

  5. Maureen Moore

    Maureen Moore

    I don’t have cold feet anymore in my wellies. These are marvellous.

  6. Susan Hart

    Snug feet. Just what they say. Does the job brilliantly. Great for gardening.

  7. Lynn


    These are ideal for wellies. They definitely keep out that penetrating cold that seems to seep up through the rubber.

  8. rosemarylangston@gmail.com

    These are so snug, in slippers, in wellies, in boots. A real treat for cold feet!

  9. Lesley Alexander

    Best £5.00 I ever spent - wish I had known about these sooner

    For many years I have suffered with cold painful feet during the colder months – having horses means I am at the mercy of the weather over the winter and I have tried many things (layering, thermal socks, neoprene boots, etc) but nothing has worked. Either my feet get too warm and then sweat, which means they get cold again, or I have too many layers and cut the circulation off completely. I am so miserable over winter as I can’t stand the cold and getting cold – these insoles are a game changer…….for the first time I have warm feet, not just warm but toasty, without the sweating. I can do all of my jobs without worrying I’m going to leave my toes behind in my boots when I take them off as they have snapped off in the cold. I have been shouting from the rooftops on my local equestrian Facebook pages about how wonderful these are as I am not alone in my misery – I see people recommending boots which cost £100’s (not great when mucking out filthy stables) when all they need to do is buy these – and on top of all of that, they are sustainable, green and the sheep that they come from are possibly the happiest in the world (Herdwicks are known as the smiley sheep!) Can you please now make something for my hands and fingers? :)

  10. Nicola Long


    Loving these in my slippers and garden shoes. Snug and warm tootsies!

  11. Janet Harris

    So snug and comfortable! Bought more for friends!

  12. Irina Aggrey

    Incredibly warm toasty toes!!

    Reading the reviews really helped me decide to buy these, and I was not disappointed! I’m an ex dancer with arthritic toes – aged 44, which can be extremely painful during cold spells. Well since slipping these woollen insoles into my slippers, I hardly suffer. Usually I wear a minimum of 3 pairs of socks during the winter, but now I can get away with x1 pair :) I am also chuffed that I didn’t hesitate in buying a load for Christmas stocking fillers either. Thank you!!

  13. Ann Fyfe

    Love them

    I bought a pair to put in my slippers. They are keeping my feet lovely and warm. Thinking about getting another pair for my wellies.

  14. pam

    perfect inner soles for any tired slippers or boots …. love them!
    Have bought for christmas presents to spread the word……..and the warmth!

  15. Mel Gray

    Warm insole to reduce waste

    Reusing slippers that have worn out, by putting in these lovely warm insoles

  16. John Penny

    Snug wool insoles

    These insoles are GREAT. They are very warm & keep my feet nice & toasty but not sweaty. They even smelled of sheep, a good thing that reminds me of my childhood growing up on a farm in Low Furness. I can thoroughly recommend them.

  17. Rachael Waites

    Cosy feet.

    Perfect for keeping feet warm and toasty. They make wellies more comfortable too. Great product.

  18. Gilly Summers

    Cosy and comfortable

    Fleece boot soles. My toes are warm and cosy. just fabulous and a practical size.

  19. Frances Powers


    Warm, soft and very comfortable, we love these insoles! Great for our slippers ,boots and Wellington’s, no more aching feet! Have ordered some for our daughter for her work boots too. Great product and eco-friendly too brilliant.

  20. Lorraine

    Comfort and warmth

    These insoles are just excellent so warm and comfy lovely for your feet.

  21. Jessica Haines

    I bought two sets but I’ve only used one so far which I’ve put in a pair of slippers and it’s made them so much softer and warmer for walking on hard floors. I’m going to put the other set in a pair of boots for winter.
    They’re easy to cut but a size template would be useful. Definitely recommend.

  22. FG

    Worth every penny!

    Love these. This is my second pair. They are so warm and cosy. No wonder sheep can live outside! I also got a chimney sheep, and what a difference that made. It’s been up the chimney for a couple of years now, and is still doing a great job of keeping the heat in the room rather than going up the chimney.

  23. Faye Owen

    Wool Insoles

    Purchased one for myself and one who’s a Christmas present. I always suffer with cold feet when wearing my wellies in the Winter months despite wearing thermal socks, so thought I’d treat myself to these insoles. Although the weather hasn’t become too cold yet, they’re so comfortable to walk on and have made my wellies so much nicer to walk in, and seem to have stopped the cold travelling through them as much.

  24. Anthony McAlister

    Snug Feet Wool Insoles

    I bought these insoles for my sheepskin slippers. The sheepskin had worn away inside my slippers & they had become uncomfortable to wear. Seen these advertised when I ordered the Chimney Sheep & thought I would give them a try. An excellent insole making my slippers more comfortable. Will definitely be purchasing again. At a reasonable price with a great delivery service.

  25. Darren Hollinshead

    Super soft and comfy

    Fabulous natural product and very comfy will be back for more

  26. B R


    Snug and warm. Make a HUGE difference.

  27. Sue Collier

    Great in warm or cold weather

    My favourite slippers don’t come in half sizes so now I just buy the larger size and use these insoles. With hardwood floors downstairs they keep my cold feet perfectly comfy and warm and I wear them in the summer too because, being natural, they control the heat. Great in wellies and again, toastie in winter and cool in summer. Buying more soon for myself and for Christmas presents for those I’ve already converted and those who are soon to be.

  28. Jane

    Saved me money

    I was thinking of getting new snow boots for when I go skiing in January but your insoles have revived my old boots.

    Delivery was also very prompt.

  29. Jane

    Revived boots

    I was thinking of getting new snow boots for when I go skiing in January but your insoles have revived the boots I already had, so you’ve saved me a lot of money. By the way the insoles were very easy to cut to size.

    Delivery was also very prompt.

  30. Patricia Millar

    Cosy with an added bonus

    These are warm, comfortable and excellent value for money. I bought the larger size so they’d fit any shoe/boot in the house and we discovered that the cat goes mad for the off-cuts. Chimney Sheep might consider adding to their product line.

    Snug Feet Wool Insoles
  31. Alison Desbrow

    Great product: cosy, dry & clean

    These felt insoles are great. I put them in my felt slippers. I’ve bought replacement felt insoles before, but they have ended up damp and stinky. These have not! The herdwick sheep, they can handle everything my sweaty plates can throw at them. I admire the way that they are made as a sideline from leftover wool. Will be getting them again next time. Highly recommended!🐑

  32. Chris Bradly

    Comfortable feet

    Excellent product have turned my work boots into something comfortable

  33. Claire D

    Extremely cosy

    These came so quickly and are just the ticket – using them to provide an extra layer of warmth for slippers on cold tiles floors and they are absolutely perfect. Would highly recommend to anyone considering these.

  34. Peter Taylor

    So comfy, and good for the planet

    I love the feel of these, and the breathability of the natural wool means they’re even great in summer (I put them in my favourite trainers!). My other pair are going to go in my Red Wing boots for winter. It’s great knowing your feet are comfy, antibacterial and no odour, with home grown wool and supporting British business. I’m a size 8-9 so bought the larger size and it was easy to cut around my old insoles. The wool is thicker at first, surprisingly so – and I wondered if they would be too chunky – but they compress down and mould to the shape of your feet. They sit so well now. Thank you so much – I’ll definitely be buying again in future.

  35. Amazon Customer

    Excellent value for money, and perfect for slippers!

    Arrived so much quicker than expected.
    Perfect replacement insoles to my sketchers slippers – they now feel brand new and are so comfy! I was hesitant about buying these types of insoles as I am used to the more fluffy fleece type, but shouldn’t have worried!
    Excellent value for money. Would buy again.

  36. Amazon Customer

    Better for boots

    Nice and cushy, and very good price. I used as a substitute for shearling in some Ugg house slippers…and the wool was definitely scratchier underfoot than shearling but ok. I think they would definitely suit putting in Wellington’s or some other shoe, where you would normally wear socks. Unfortunately my dog found my slippers and chewed up the insoles! Looked like a sheep had been shown in our living room! Oh well.

  37. PamC

    Way better than any other thermal insoles I have tried before.

    Superb I always seem to have cold feet but these really made my wellies cosy and warm. Easy to trim to size.

  38. BJA

    Cosy feet!

    I’ve always got cold feet. These haven’t entirely fixed that (I didn’t expect them to work miracles!), but in slippers they are very comfortable and springy and noticeably warmer. The insoles are quite thick (a good thing), but I’m sure they’ll squish down a bit to the shape of my foot with use. Not an issue in slippers or larger boots. Will probably buy another pair or two for boots. Very happy with my purchase.

  39. Hazel Spence


    Surprisingly thick and warm. They feel lovely and soft too. Very impressed….just off to order my hubby a pair.

  40. Hamster

    Very effective in keeping feet warm

    The first insoles my wife has found that actually keep her feet warm!

  41. KTG

    Fantastic buy - now walking on air!

    When my first pair arrived & I put them into a pair of boots I felt like I was walking in air. And they are also so warm – one of the reasons I needed some good insoles. I ordered 3 more pairs, 2 of which are for a friend of mine. These are a fantastic buy and we are both going to order more. And for me, it is great to support industry in the Lake District, my spiritual home, and Herdwick sheep. Can’t recommend these highly enough

  42. Stationmaster

    Very snug but beware sizing

    Very nice and thick and warm. But there was at least half an inch difference in the length of the two insoles.
    Ok so I trimmed the larger one, but the smaller one was JUST the right length, and once I had cut one, it frayed a bit. So I can’t cut it as well as the manufacturer can. But these are warm, soft and comfortable.

  43. Rinpoche

    Sooooo comfy!!!

    Oh my! These are lovely. They look very different to others on the market but they are so much better. They are really soft, like standing on a cloud! Because they don’t have a ‘base’, they are versatile and can be used to make shoes/boots fit by shifting them around in the base of the shoe. My Dublin river boots were rubbing a toe and too sloppy on the heel but with these in, they are fit perfectly and really comfortable. The extra insulation has kept me warm on snowy walks. Absolutely brilliant. Ordering more!

  44. Lynda Parton

    Heavenly wool shoe liners

    So beautiful, thick pile wool, springy underfoot and so warm and comforting for my arthritic feet, I will definitely be buying more


    Total warmth & comfort

    Chose these insoles over usual lambswool fleece for winter boots to see the difference. Also, have found lambswool fleece ones to go flat quickly…….These herdwick sheep insoles are superb and live up to expectations. Just used for 1st time & not disappointed. Warm, thick , cosy and feel very comfortable. Made in UK so thoroughly pleased all round. I shall buy more for me wellies. Thanks !

  46. Amazon Customer

    Good to start.

    Unfortunately these haven’t retained their thickness or warmth. They also slip. They were great on day one!

  47. CJM

    Thick and substantial

    I bought the ladies’ size and intended to cut them down to a size 4 but they fitted my husband’s boots (size 8) perfectly so I let him have them and I’ve ordered another pair for me. He says they feel much better than the previous insoles he had in his boots although he hasn’t actually worn the boots as yet. I’ve never seen anything like them in the shops.

  48. fm50

    Lovely and cosy

    I bought these to replace the foot lining in my sheepskin slippers which had worn through. I like many others am working from home amd my feet were getting very cold no matter what I did. These arrived so quckly (2 days I think) and although the weather has been so cold, my feet have been so warm, but not sweaty warm. I would highly recommend them. 😀

  49. C.Lambert


    Really great! Turned a normal pair of boots into a snug comfy pair! lovely and warm and spongy to walk on. My boots are a 7 and I didn’t need to cut or adjust these. They don’t slide around and could have been made for the boots. Highly recommend

  50. Millie

    Snug and warm

    Brought for my winter boots.. fantastic..only need 1 pair of socks instead of 2..worth the money

  51. Christina Corser

    Fit perfectly into wellington boots and keep feet warm and comfortable.

    Nothing to dislike. They are well made and you can trim them to size. For those of us who work outside with animals feet remain both dry and WARM!

  52. Kindle Customer

    Lovely warm firm padding for boots.

    Great for the winter chill. Be careful to leave a bit of leeway when cutting to size – I made mine slightly too short! I feel these are going to last well. Thoroughly recommended

  53. Amazon Customer

    Insole warm

    Good product

  54. Amanda K

    Perfect for Wellies!

    Using these in my wellies means I don’t need to wear socks for those quick trips down the garden or short walks with dog in the rain. Love them. Unfortunately I showed them to my daughter who tried them in her wellies – and promptly pinched them! Now ordered more.

  55. jazz


    I was delighted, the quality & thickness + comfort are unbelievable ! I will definitely be buying more, in the meantime I have purchased some for my friend who was ‘astonished’ of the ‘de-luxe quality’ !
    These are absolutely recommended 5* PLUS **********

  56. French Toast

    These are amazing!!!

    I was looking hardwearing and comfy insoles for my sheepskin boots. The sheepskin had worn away from under my feet and the boots had become uncomfortable. I put in foam insoles, and quickly wore them down. In my search for insoles, I came across these and though I would have nothing to lose; they were reasonably priced.

    I am so glad I ordered them! They are thick, warm and cushion soft underfoot. To ‘break them in’, I put them into my boots and wore them without socks for about half an hour. This allowed them to mould to the exact contours of my feet.

    They are soft enough to wear without socks should you choose to do so. They do leave fibres on your socks, but that is a small price to pay for the comfort and warmth of these insoles. I will definitely be investing in additional pairs for ALL of my boots; they are a worth investment. I would definitely recommend.

  57. Eileen Sylvia douglas

    Toastie Warm

    Purchased because I was sick of having painfully cold toes. Thrilled to bits with them, they’re not your pretty fluffy white things, but are Herdwick coloured, and they are SO warm. I recently performed in a live band outside at a Xmas light switch on, it was a bitterly cold day and for once, my feet were lovely and warm. I have since ordered and received 2 more pairs.

  58. Mrs B G Coomber

    Warm and soft

    I love how soft they are …
    So warm…..the best insoles I have ever had …. totally better than man made fibre options

  59. A. Knox


    What a treat for my poor cold feet, these snug insoles are fabulous! I love that they are 100% British from Herdwick wool. I have already been singing their praises with my colleagues and friends and family! THANK YOU

  60. Badger 1955


    Love these, soooo cosy!
    Will get some more for my wellies for winter!
    I used these for my slippers, as the ones in the slippers had really discoloured and I could not get them clean.

  61. Nicola KS


    So warm in winter and cool in summer, I’m never going back to any other insole again

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